del Sol GSR swap Motor Mount help

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New Member
I have a 94 del sol VTEC with an Acura Integra GS-R swap on Hasport mounts.
It rattles like all hell. I want to install OEM mounts (softer) to minimize some of the vibration.

What OEM mounts do I get? Integra or del Sol? Be specific for each mount (transmission mount, rear mount, side mount, right front mount, and left front mount.)

2nd: The left front mount is based on an air conditioning bracket. The guy who did the swap tore out the AC and the bracket went with. On another forum I read that bracket and the mount that goes with it make an excellent tortion mount, which I really need.

What AC bracket do I get: Integra or del Sol?
What engine mount do I get (OEM) for that bracket?

I only know what I have read on other forums. If I am terribly wrong on anything here, please inform me and point me in the right direction.
del sol vtec.. your car originally came with a b-series, and it has a b-series in it.. dont know why the mounts were changed in the first place