does a 02-03 automatic rsx engine harness work automatic kpro ecu on a 99 honda cvic ek?

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I cant find any info on this, My buddy has a 99 civic ek with k24a2 motor, We slapped a 02-03 automatic rsx engine harness in and have a automatic ecu/kpro. we went to start the car and have no spark, it has 12v and ground but no trigger signal at the coils (has injector pulse)

he had to go to work before we could dig any further, my next step is to see if we have rpm while cranking on hondata to verify ckp sensor signal is getting to ecu,and the coil trigger signal at the ecu a27-a30 Im not 100% sure on these systems but can we rule out ckp sensor being the issue since we have injector pulse and does the cmp/tdc sensor inputs need to be there for coil trigger signal to happen or does just the ckp sensor input needed for ecu to trigger the coils?

all in all it seems like a continuity issue between coil packs and ecu is automatic harness need some wires rerouted typically?

probably good idea to check ecu grounds and powers while im at it.
Well we just swapped out the harness for a manual rsx harness and she fired right up so just know the automatic rsx harnesses have continuity issues related to the coil trigger signal