ek b20????

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my buddy is just finishing his swap and hes tryin to get an estimate of what hes gonna be runnin as far as quarter mile time heres a list of his motor and what hes got done

b20b with 4k miles, skunk2 intake mani, blox 66mm t.b, megan racing 4-2-1 headers, 2.5 apexi worldsport, CAI, si tranny, f1 stage 3 clutch, 8 lb fidanza flywheel, hasport mounts, avid lightweight shift linkage, block gaurd, arp head studs, cometic head gasket, and a decent set of tires.

if any1 has any ideas about what kinda times he will be runnin let me know, and let me know what you think of his setup.
anywhere from 14's to 17's depending on how stripped down the car is, and how good of a driver he is.
Well I didn't see anything in that list about what ECU he is using so he wont be running at all.

Why did he use a block guard?
O my bad he is runnning a spoon tuned p75, and he's a really good driver. And the block guard was for vtec but I think he changed his mind about that... not sure. But does any1 else have any idea about how it should do, or have a similiar build.
anybody else have any thoughts on wha the car might do as far as a quarter mile time or anything???
If it's Spoon tuned then he should know what it made at the wheel.
Also, what transmission is he using? LSD?
My EK with an Ls swap just ran a 16.171 @ 85mph. This was with one missing motor mount and was still learning the new motor. But even then I lost a second on my ET. Was running 17.2s and 17.3s before the swap. Ls and B20 swaps in coupes run high to mid 15s. This is in stock form, no intake mani, cams, tuning, header, exhaust. With some work you can see high 14s, that is my goal. Best way to find out what it will run is to take it to the track and find out :)
he is usin an si tranny, he also has hasport solid motor mounts, avid light weight shift linkage, skunk2 short throw and shifter, and energy suspension shifter bushings. the p75 ecu was tuned by spoon prior to being put in th car, had to go through a long process online about what was done to the car and what wasnt for a specific tune.
The Si tranny wont make that much difference than the S80 Ls tranny, maybe .1 second. I also have a DC short shifter, Engery Suspention shifter bushings, custom 2.25 catback and CAI. And the motor mounts wont do much as well. The ECU, flywheel, clutch, intake mani and header are best mods listed. As I said before you should see low 15s maybe maybe high 14s, if you can get the traction. That is my biggest issue at the track is hooking up, tires break loose even going into second. And off the line I have to stay under 2k or the tires just spin. Run the car and find out thats the only way to know what it runs.
The Si tranny wont make that much difference than the S80 Ls tranny, maybe .1 second.

If that's true then why does anyone bother upgrading to shorter-geared transmissions? Where are you getting your facts here?
he said that if he hits low 15''s he will be embarressed and sell the car. lol. and obviously the shorter geared tranny is gonna be perfect for the car considering that b20's dont rev high. some1 is clearly missinformed
in the same car before the swap he had a d16 non vtec with a shitty intake and exhaust and a fpr and an ls fuel rail and injctors... that it. so low 15's would be badddd lol
i would think he should be able to get into the 14s if he can drive. im still wondering about the tuning though.... if it was dyno tuned the way it should be, he would know the whp and we could make a better guess. if its running on a "spoon" modified basemap then the car is not running to its full potential.
o as soon as its all set(which should be next sunday) it will b hittin the dyno and ill be sure to post his numbers. but still lookin for more opinions on the build. let us know what u think. o and ill post pics asap.
I kow the Si trans has shorter gearing, just saying you are not going to see a huge diff in ET compaired to a S80. Keep in mind that the P75 head is not the best flowing head Honda makes. The head is where the power is made not so much with bolts ons. Bolt ons support the head and will yeild more power with cams and a p&p. Knowing how much tq and hp will help alot, I agree. Lets say you make 130-140whp (that seems about right?) then you should hit low 15s. Why would you sell the car if it runs low 15s?? That is good for a non Vtec non turbo Civic coupe. With a Vtec head swap 200whp is very easy to make. Then you will hit low 14s high 13s. Also what size rims and tires are you running and what tires??
The tune is a guess at best, get a real tune specific to how that motor runs. You have no idea if this Spoon tune is safe, let alone optimized for power. I also didn't see any mention of cams in your mod list, but that Skunk2 IM will push your powerband up and out of the stock cams (and the stock redline) operating range. That intake manifold might hurt more than help in this application to be honest.

High torque motor (for a Honda anyways), short ratio tranny, no LSD, sounds like a recipe for wheelspin to me. If your buddy can get it to hook, he might see high 14's, but he shouldn't be disappointed if he runs low 15's, that's just being realistic.