email is currently down

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Emails (outgoing and incoming) are currently not working. Contact us form, Thread subscriptions, PM notifications, and more all will not work.

It has been this was for about 3 days now (since server upgrade) and I don't have a remedy yet. Actively working on it, please stand by.

New users can bypass email verification for the time being, but the spam filters are on high alert!
did you have to do any of that fun dkim stuff.... can't believe google still gets away with the massive amount of spam farming they do. gmail is terrible.
I actually hired a guy cuz i gave up trying to figure it out.

dmarc, spf, dkim, default domain keys, reverse dns, yadda yadda, yadda.
its a bit easier using o365, but gets stupid when you integrate services like hubspot, zendesk, and everything else that a company could use to beat down potential customers with more email than they should ever get. flattened records do not always work, then you have to sub to some flattening service that does some shit. huge pita.

i recently setup dkim but have been threatening for awhile to block gsuite from emailing us. EASILY 80% of our email comes from gmail domains. all spam. 4% of our daily mail intake is actually worthwhile mail intended for a recipient.

and if you are a business worth a shit using gmail, you are WRONG.
yeah, there's literally no good reason for a company to use gmail.

I don't even have inbound email support here. it all goes to my gmail because i don't need a mail server to simply get the occasional contact us form submission. Trying to keep this server as lean as possible so we can stay running.

we're on alamalinux9, nginx, mariadb, php 8.2, and all static assets/attachments/etc are served via s3/cloudfront and it all sits behind cloudflare for caching and security. I'm considering moving off s3 to cloudflare's R2 service. it may save a few cents.
only Hilary is allowed to use gmail :D

If you're a legit company, you should be running office 365, i agree. There's small accounts for outlook hosted as well.
If you're small, like <10 employees, perhaps Business Email Services - Amazon WorkMail - AWS is the better choice or just integrate with SES on your own .com.
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Well, for personal- not company. Wife would like to get off Gmail. I don't disagree, but it's so convenient. I'd at least like to mirror the Gmail account somewhere else for redundancy's sake. I could also run an email server at home, but that's not as service-protected, like if the power goes down.
Yeah I think I'll stick with Gmail. I think I'll look at setting up a mirror with an IMAP capable client. Maybe just outlook?