F/s G2 Slant Tip Muffler

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4" tip, 19.5" long, 6" width and 2.5" inlet

never opened it, got it but got apexi WS for birthday.

$40 + shipping.
Hey, I am not positive but I will probably be able to buy your muffler in 1 week or less. Would you be willing to wait till monday next week for payment? I want the muffler pretty badly and I need it horribly badly because mine is gay and sounds like poop but I have to wait till after mothersday to know forsure how much cash I have. Do you know what this one sounds like? or do you know if it sounds good and whatnot? drop me a pm if you can sell it to me in 1 week or so. Oh yeah I live in 98205(Everett, WA) check the shipping if possible .