Fs 5th Gen Honda Parts

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well i have alot of parts for sale i need to sell quick i have to get a layer for the custody battle again the bi$%^ thats trying to take my daughter so come on come all and buy my stuff

sohc dx motor 250 a peice

sohc vtec motor 450

polished strut bar 30 obo

shoc vtec head 100

combat body kit for a 95 hatch 250 (front sides rear)

2 or 3 alternator for a sohc 30 obo a peice

a distibutor for a sohc 40 obo

thats all i can think of for right now if i can remember anymore i will post it you can email me at vteccivichatch@adelphia.net or call me on my cell anytime day or night 540-207-0527 ask for tommy

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What's included with the head? Is it everything from the head gasket on up? Intake manifold etc? D16Z6 head I assume, right?
damn woman....

I hate to say this, but no matter how good of a lawyer you get, its probably a lost cause.

best of luck man... and if i had a remote use for any of that stuff, i'd help you out.

Originally posted by type_r_hatch@May 16 2003, 01:03 AM
yeah its a d16z6 head i think but yeah i have the stuff to do it name a price

Get with me offline and we'll talk about it... I'll PM you my number- give me yours and we can yak about it instead of chasing each other on the forums.