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I am going to invest in some guages to keep track of teh engines vitals, these are the brands I am considering:

Auto Meter

the gauges I decided I need are as follows: Water and Oil Temp, Oil and Fuel Pressure and a Air Fuel Ratio...

Another question is electrical or mechanical gauges which are more accurate and easy to install?
your shopping cart is contained in a "cookie" in your computer so we can't see it. just list what you are looking at with the sizes and prices.

autometer makes good gauges. IMO
a/f guage is pretty useless man, They only read correctly for a single "ideal" a/f ratio.
rather than invest a bunch of time and money into gauges get more performance parts and pay for good tuning. You will be much happier in the end unless you are doing it to CONVINCE people your car is faster than it is...
um no not doing it to convince anyone... I want the gauges to keep track of various functions... so what youa re saying is B wasted all that time and money on the guages he bought for his del sol to convince people it is faster than it actually is?
dude, just post what you planned to buy, let the noob bask in his stupid ignorance...
I think some people in another thread said that apex-i is a good accurate gauge. I honestly don't think you need them unless ur car is boosted.