H22 Delsol

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I'm thinking of selling my 93 300zx to get something new to play with. A H22 delsol sounds really interesting because it's something not many people have. My questions are is this swap worth it (I know it CAN be done, but is it worth it)? And how fast would a H22 hybrid del sol go in the 1/4 mile?

my friend has a Del Sol with a H22 in it. Its fast as f_ck :eek: I'm not sure how difficult it is (but its probably pretty damn difficult) and i don't think hes takin it to the track yet so i don't know his 1/4 mile times
Just did a 93 hatch, no different than the sol. you just need to know all the parts exct before mand. Mounts, hoses, accord shifter assembly. exct.
Does anyone have a list of every exact part you would need in doing the swap? Also on a side note, would anyone be interested in purchasing a 1993 Nissan 300zx :D

yea, but isn't it more reliable, h22a w/basic bolt ons....i dont need to mess with the valve train, compression, turbo, or squeezing...
i guess
i wouldnt be able to deal with the handling sacrifice though
exaclty what i was thinking esol

the del sol will handle over a G on the skidpad stock.

i mean come on who throws a shoe?

why are you gonna eat off your good china?

it wont do 1G+ stock but it doesnt take much to get it there
The 300zx is NA. I'm not sure I could deal with the difference in handling going from a 300z to a hybrid del sol...
But it'd be fast :D
it would be a fast little thing, I've driven one, but it handles like shit. It seemed WAYYY to heavy in the front, and it really wasn't fun to drive on turns, but in straightaways it rocked. Also I think he had to sacrifice his A/C and powersteering.
If you arent doing auto-x, and you are using this for a daily driver, then why would you be flying around corners anyways. This swap is one of the fastest all motor swaps, and is great when on the street. I am putting an H23 in my civic right now and its on hold for another 3 days due to being sent the wrong mount kit. Also, i have ridden in an H22 civic and its not bad at all on turns that i could notice.
when it comes to handling with the H series in any 5th gen civ. there are mixed reviews about poor and normal handling. I believe that since there are different mount kits out there they will all be positioning the motor in slightly different areas, if you notice on a lot of the prelude swaps that the motor tilts backwards. AC is not an option, unless you want to fabricate something customer to keep your AC and I am not sure how you will go about that. I have said this before and I will say it again. My opinion would be to go with a B series considering how abundant they are and how much aftermarket support there is for that motor. True, you don't have to mess with the head and compression and shit like that to get it moving but your also adding a large amount of weight as oppossed to the B to the car.

Personally, i would put a B18c5 in a delsol, with bolt on's it is for sure a low 13 second ride.......

does anyone know what the best mounts would be for putting a h22 in a del sol or 5th gen civic? The ones which position the weight of the motor the best?
best mounts = HAsport

end of story
what about em

or more specificly.... fuck em
I was gonna go with Hasport but i heard people talk about HCP, I think I'll stick with my original choice. Now if I could get the Z sold. :D