H22 Into 5th Gen Civic Swap Info

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Does anyone know of a site besides h22acivic.com that actually has detailed information about doing an h22 swap.

Everywhere i go, it's all vague.. Not much info on it around..
I would think someone has done a swap and put up a site with details..

doing an h22 into a 93 SI HB.

Hondatuning is fucking retarded, In two installments of the H22 "swap" guide, all they have talked about is the mild engine building. There has not been one word about putting that engine into a civic yet.

P.s. im not blaming you, they are just :ghey:
i did a 01 h22a into a dc without the aid of any websites because they all sucked...learned alot of very interesting things :angry:
Yeah i noticed the Hondatuning article just talked about an engine rebuild.. There was no actual SWAP information at all.. Quite Re-re-retarded!!
I actually e-mailed Honda Tunning about the H22 swap part three. They replied and said that they've been having some problems with it but it should be coming up pretty soon in one of their issues
in other words, they don't have a fucking clue what they are doing.

here's what you need:
first, you need a HASport.com mount kit. all the rest suck.
then, get the motor in your car: http://www.hasport.com/Tech/Installs/egh1.PDF
then, you need to convert the shifter from linkages to cable