Here's a stumper

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Here's the deal: I have a 93 del sol S. I was driving the other day, when all of a sudden, I hear a loud bang, and the engine is incredibly loud and it feels and sounds like its missing a cylinder, then the engine stops. I coast to the side of the road and open the hood to discover that a spark plug has vanished without a trace (threads in the head are still there, no dent in the hood) from the third cylinder from the distributor.

Anyone have any ideas as to what could have happened?
could be anything, had similar issues wtih my 240 and it ended up being a bad ignition wire, who the fuck knows...inspect it yourself and if you still can't find the solution, mechanic time..
on a toyota my wife once owned same thing happened, someone changed the plugs but must not of tightened them all the way, a plug shot out dented the hood cracked the spark plug boot. kinda fucked up. It's very probable that the plug is still attached to the plug wire.
well...thats really wierd...i doubt it went inside the cylinder so thats out....i agree with CRX-YEM on that is prolly shot out but i dont know how since you say theres no dent in the hood or anything....
Mmmmmmm, spark plugs.

Did the spark plug fairy leave you a dollar under your seat?
if it was not tightened all the way it could have walked itself out without being pressurized and slamming the hood...

if the threads are still in the head then go rob the spark plug fairy and put that shit back in...

then see what happens...
I think thats what happened. anyway, in the process of this, the distributor and the ignition coil got fried. $300 later, im back on the road