Hestitation and poping noise from exhuast??

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93 honda civic vx hatch.
built lsvtec
95 b18b1 block
oem honda pr3 b16 pistons 11:5.1 comp.
oem honda piston rings
arp rod bolts
oem honda crank and rod bearings
type r oil pump
gsr water pump
gsr timing belt
oem honda headgasket.
hondata intake mani gasket
p30 b16 intake manifold
dc sports race header with 2.5 inch collector
2.5 inch exhaust with 2.5" vibrant muffler
golden eagle lsvtec kit
99 b16 head
supertech valve springs and retainers
gsr cams
gsr trans with act clutch
chipped p28 ecu


when i accelerate my car has hesitation and a continuous poping noise in the exhaust..like backfiring....i dont know what it causeing it...does anyone know what is???..i tryed looking this up on google but i couldent find anything similar to my situation. My car is throwing a TPS check engine light code(7)...So i purchased a new tps and just got it in today...do you think this is the problem or is it something else???please reply..thankyou
Incomplete combustion... could be bad plugs/wires/rotor too.
ok guys

k guys, replaced my tps sensor today with a brand new one...car still throws code 7 which is tps sensor....idk what the deal is...and my car is still backfiring like popcorn when i accelerate....advice on why my tps code is still showing in check engine light and backfiring issue??
no i did not check the timing..that is my next step...but say if i do check the timing and it is fine...then what??

im bringing my car to the shop on thursday...so ill post an update thursday night to let you know where i stand...i appreciate the help so far
i had the same problem. it was my distributer cap.
did you adjust your tps when you put your new one on? what grade of fuel are you using? the cheap shit has caused that same problem in my car in the past.

accually my mechanic did the job, so im not sure if he reset the ecu..ill reset the ecu before i bring the car to the shop tmmrow

brought the car to mechanic today...he said it the timing was off by alot...he suggested i redue the timing...now im not sure what timeing belt to get..can anyone help me out??
told you to check that first.

you dont' need a new belt, you just need it adjusted. but if you MUST get one, buy an oem honda belt from your dealer.
ive lost all hope =(

ok...replaced timing belt..did the timing...replaced the tps sensor with a brand new one...and just installed a brand new distributor...STILL BACKFIRING AND HESISTATING..HELP!!
how exactly did you redo the timing? there's a very specific method to getting it right

for the timing....idk my friend did it...i watched him...he lined the head and block to top dead center...put the timing belt on..then cranked the engine...maybe he did it wrong??...could you explain how you would do it