How Hard?

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Hey guys im new to this site...
HOw hard is it to swap a SOHC Vtec in over a ZC in a 88 CRX SI, because i helped my buddy do a ZC a while back with no problems... and which one of those is better? which has more hp? thanks

it should be a pretty simple far as which motor is better, which zc are you planning on using??? there are many many zc's out there...overall i would go with the a dohc zc...
both motors are have identical work envoved but the z6/y8 u need to your old driver side head brackt mount and put that on the new z6/y8 and alos you need to wire up vtec which is no hard task, the zc is basicaly pluf and play and u just have to extend some wires to the cps..i have had both but i cant really tell you which one is better cuz i like them both but i have had good luck with z6's in the past, but then agian I rember breaking off a b16 coup with my zc powered CRX
dude if ur taking about installing a sohc vtec over a JDM ZC, DONT the ZC is a better base than a sohc vtec and will make alot more power if done right.