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Hey you guys...this is my first post and I plan on doing a swap in my car myself in the near future. I have a general understanding of swaps and I know about modding my ride and everything but I just want to be completely sure of some stuff. I am thinking of the B18C1 swap into my 5th Gen Civic (92-95) but I might have to go with the B16A2 :( Coupla questions here

I know the swap generally comes with ECU, Tranny, Axles, Shift Linkage and the motor but here goes

Do I use an OBD-1 P72 ECU since my P28 is an OBD-1?

Are the GSR axles gonna fit right?

How generally easy is this swap?

I know this has been covered probably but it didn't show up on the search and I wanted to ask my own questions

And for the B16A2 swap....

Do I use an OBD-1 P72 ECU since my P28 is an OBD-1?

How generally easy is this swap?

And where can I find wiring diagrams for both these swaps?

Thank you VERY MUCH in advance :worthy:
use the p72 ecu you will have to run a knock sensor wire but with out some kind of chip or fuel management the p28 doesn't deliver enough fuel both of those swaps are about the same degree of difficulty (edit) never mind you don't want an a2 you want and a3 out of a del sol vtec or a Sir 2
I know I have to use the P72 but I don't know if I need an OBD-1 one or OBD-2 since my car is OBD-1 and why do you say not the A2?

Any more insight into my original questions? Anyone...please!!
obd 1 is what you want to shoot for b16a2 is the motor from 99-00 si that is obd2 the a3 is obd1 so you want a p72 or p30 ecu obd1 the a3 is a easy swap the wiring is simple just add a knock sensor and drop the fucker in there yes the axels should fit that is what i have on my b16 just use the mounts from a integra and you should be good to go
where can I get the OBD-1 ECU? I'm gonna go with the B16A2 for money purposes. How do I add a knock sensor? What mounts? The Integra motor mounts? Why Integra mounts for the B16A2 if it already comes with the motor mounts with the swap?
you are confusing the b16a2 with the b16a SiR2
two different motors.

the a2 is from the 99-00 civic si, obd2, harder to swap into a 5th gen, but far from impossible.

SiR 2 - jdm 92-95 b16 found in japan civics SiR's and stuff :) obd 1, drop in swap, add 1 wire for knowck sensor... you mention p28, so you are already wired for vtec.

if you do decide to drop in the b16a2, you will need to swap 2 mounts. The rear tranny mount and the driver side mount will need to be changed, as those are designed for 6th gen chassis. Use 94-00 integra mounts for those 2, or del sol vtec b16 mounts. should be less than $100-- and you can probably find someone to trade with you who has a 6th gen and wants to put the b-series other than the b16a2 into their car. search and post around.

for your wiring, read this :)

it pertains to a gsr swap, so the pinouts are a little different... but its the same general concept

And that should take care of your swap. have a nice day :0 :worthy:
thank you both...I really appreciate it and I want to do this swap myself and need to know every little thing you know lol. I will go with the A3. is reputable correct?

And HOW THE HELL do I add a knock sensor LOL. Sorry, I'm in the dark there bud lol.
if you do the a3 or the SiR 2, none of what i mention above is an issue.
plug and play, drop it in, wire in the knock sensor (we have a pin out of the p30 b16a3 ecu in our articles section) and you are good to go. you need an integra 94 shift linkage still though.

to add the knock sensor, you kinda tap in to the harness and plug it in the right port on the ecu, and then run it up through the firewall to the actual sensor.

or, get hondata on your p28. the p28 has no knock sensor, so it won't look for the reading in the first place, nor does hondata support it, because, "A tuned motor won't knock, and therefore the is no need for a knock sensor"
ohh- and give a ring. you have probably seen their banner floating around up top :)

they are one of our sponsors- always good to see if they can offer you something so that they get some business out of helping keep hondaswap running.
why do I need 94 shift linkage from a Teg? The A3's linkage won't work? Why? You mean '94 and up shift linkage from a Teg right? Sorry for all the questions...just want everything to go right
??? On a 5g civic, do you have to change the location of the motor mounts for any of the above engines? (b16a3 or gsr) I know that i have to get new mount but do i have to move them? saying i have a d engine now and want to get a b series
I THINK that any b series will work but a gsr or itr are the best i have an itr on mine chunky