Just Saw 2fast 2furious!

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Ya, I just saw it last night, the 10:15pm showing, and I'm actually gonna have to say that it wasn't bad at all. Tyrese was funny as someone before me said, yes the acting was bad, but I loved all the cars. Anyone who sees this movie cant honestly say that everysingle import car in the movie was "Riced Out". I saw a nice lookin Type R conversion Integra during the scramble. Commenting on the overall plot of the movie, I think it worked, but I also think it could've been better, but for what it was I felt like I got my moneys worth for a MOVIE and went home happy. Did anyone try to get fast and furocious on the drive home with anyone on here, I had so many ppl try and race me in the REX, alls I could think about was "You wait till I get the LS motor in, then we can race." Honestly, who is proud of beating an HF?
i havent seen it yet but am going to but like we all should know its entertaining and yes it would be the ultimate movie if it was all home made but who are we kiddin they are 2 stupid 2 delirious.If m not mistaken out in cali i read in a compact there leting these kids make a street made movie but the only problem they are going to have is getting it approved by an entertainment comp. so may be there is hope. ............meaningless bable
The cars looked nice, but as i read in sport compact car, the fastest car in real life was suki's pink supercharged s2000 which did a 13.9. That is pathetic, but i got past that and said hey its a movie, its for the looks anyway. Ok, so im watching it and then every race is 100 gear changes and road racing and shit. What next, GAY ASS earthquake type shit when the 14 second cars FLY by. I like seeing all the imports but, its just gay that they all have graphics on them hardcore and shit. Overall :driver: <---drivers in the movie. It was :ghey:
I really liked the part with the draw bridge, I cant even go over railroad tracks without braking crap off my car, not a single one of those cars would have made that in real life. Suki's face would look real nice, bobbin up and down hahahah.
Originally posted by ventolin5@Jun 7 2003, 01:56 AM
I read a lot of reviews about it and just about all of them said that the movie sucked ass.

If i hear enough good reviews on here maybe i will go see it after all, so let me know if anybody else liked it or if it was a lame ass ("you should double clutch when you are drag racing dude") type rice movie.

aww man dont liosten to the reviews. all those reviewers give thumbs up to movies like "the pianist" and "about schmidt"...they will shoot down ANY action movie, just cause its an action movie. im sure they all shot down terminator 2, independence day, etc...
i saw it tonight, and to be honest it wasnt that bad. tyrese was funny in that movie, lol. but what made it better than the first was the fact that they kept the technical talk and lingo to a minimum. the only thing they talked about was spray. and thats all they said was "spray". so it made them look like less of asses cause they didnt make fools of themselves by saying shit that didnt make sence like in the first one. plus the fact that there was more than just straight line racing in this one. all in all thumbs up.
Originally posted by jeffie7@Jun 7 2003, 11:32 AM
movies like F and F give me more reasons to sell any import I own to buy a mustang just for spite

:werd: :lol:

There were some good lines, and the car on fire was cool too. mmm...pranks

Not a single naaaws in the whole movie, I was impressed. But that Spyder is running a 16 lol, and it would never had made it into the movie if it wasn't for Mitsu paying a whole lot of money.

All in all, I liked it. It's a standard Hollywood movie and kept everything entertaining.
I would think this movie gives you the perspective of a school girl on cars. They look at a hot pink car with decals and say, "that must be fast." That's all that matters in a movie. They can say it has $100,000 under the hood when it is a stock evo and say it runs 10's because they can make it look that way by blurring the picture a little and cutting 5 seconds out of the race scene. and how entertaining would a 10 second scene be? It's all for the general public, not for the gearheads and tuners. The bottom line is majority rules and thats what Hollywood cares about.
saw it .... thought it was decent .... ive wasted $8.50 on far worse... IMO it was better than the first one
Originally posted by E_SolSi@Jun 7 2003, 11:51 PM
ive wasted $8.50 on far worse...

*cough*matrix: reloaded*cough*

but ya i saw it tonight and thought it was pretty good. def better than the first one, and the plot wasnt that bad. now wtf was that shit spraying outa the skyline when he pulled up to the first race? :blink: i never thought a skyline could be riced out :ghey: course it is still a skyline.
All i can say is i havent watched it... its a scene thats seen. beside the fake as plot...how many more noobs do you think..
just saw it tonight...thought it was better than the first. whats up with them using CUZ so many times...is tyrese a crip?
whats up with the evo running into the rail/gate and not having a scratch?
went to the runs after, sooo many more cars than normally....
That gate thing really pissed me off. And he still had his "pretty new body kit" in perfect shape.
I saw the movie ,and it blew more ass than the first one. No longer is it a movie about cars, it's just some stupid cheesy action movie with a few imports thrown in the background for props. FUCK 2FAST 2FURIOUS!!!!!!!! You guys should see the 22 minute underground film called "The last race" you can find it an kazaa, it's a real street racing movie, no fake ass hollywood bullshit. On the otherhand though, the mall near me where they were holding the movie, had a car show IN THE MALL on saturday and sunday, and I actually saw some very nice cars, not much rice at all, on guy from around here had his 800hp Supra turbo on display. :worthy:
I haven't seen the movie and I probably will not even if it's free. Anything which causes the public to stereotype me into a group of dumb asses sucks in my book. I wish neither movie ever came out. Before that you could drive down the road without every damn cop eyeballing you like you are linked to an underground hijacking ring. Yes street racing is dangerous and yes people die but just in this last week I can think of 5 fatal accident in my area and none of them where racing related. The news was talking last night about the work the CHP is doing to crack down on Street Racing. A bunch of fucktards spiining tires in the parking lot is not street racing. Most people who actually race on the street have alot more sense than that. The bottom line is people are idiots and you fuck up you should pay for it, not me. 2f2f is just another point for the police to make for messing with people who drive modified Imports.
You guys are on crack. Honestly. I saw the movie like a week ago and thank god I didn't have to pay for it or else I would've gone postal on everyone in the theater. The word Bro is used around 5,845,204.5 times. It actually evolves from Bro to Bruh, to Bri. The 10 minutes worth of great racing scenes couldn't make up for the rest of the shyt. Suki. She got hit with a shovel. Hard. Everytime she was on screen I had to look away for fear of throwing up everything since the 3rd grade. It may have been good had there been better plot, casting, dialouge, acting, climax, and more hooters. I like how they stayed away from anything technical this time for fear of being flamed though. I have said my peace. Thankyou.
The thing that pissed me off the most was how many cars they destroyed making the movie, they killed about 4 of every car you see in the movie (yes even the skyline) and in all their great knowledge of duhhh they even turned the r34's into rear drive for the sake of doing burn outs (could have got a couple GT-s but no we had to destroy a god of a car)
i was hella fukken mad... i was got drunk before i watched the movie and was too dizzy to remember anything...fell asleep at the end.... wasted 9 bucks on a 12:15 show and no i have to waste another 9 to watch it agen...BTW...i thought suki looked nice... or maybe was it the alcahol kickin in
one more thing...whoever is saying..."oh i dont like the movie" or "it wasnt realistic"...well since when was any movie realistic??...was the matrix realistic??? or i know what you did last summer...really... get a clue....BTW this does not apply to everyone... jus those who talk alot of head