Map Sensor, Where'd It Go

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Folks, I have two problems stalling my swap (LS/Vtec into 89 CRX). (had ZC motor in it). I've done the physical engine swap, coolant, vacuum, and gas line junk. I removed the engine harness from the old ZC and grafted it onto the LS/Vtec (that I'm going to run an OBDI ECU). The TPS, TW, TA, EACV, all hooked up fine. I couldn't find a map sensor nor MAP connector on the ZC motor. There was a white connector that was tied off at the back of the motor to the rear block/manifold brace. I tried to hook this up to the GSR throttle body MAP sensor, but it doesn't fit, so I don't really think its a MAP sensor connection.

I know this sound stupid but did the ZC come with a MAP sensor? I sure as heck can't find it. The throttle body only has a TPS sensor.

Also, please confirm the following bad news. My GSR head is 1996 so it's OBDII. Therefore the injectors not only will NOT physically fit my engine harness (I've already tried 'em), they are the wrong type being high resistance, low current, saturated injectors. So I got to find OBDI injectors, right???

Thanks much, Dave K.
I forget what the white connector your talking about is but i know it and it isn't a MAP sensor.It is possible the MAP your looking to hook up was an external (connected to the TB via a vacuum hose,as opposed to integrated into the TB) and isn't there.look for a fitting that has nothing attached to it more than likely on top of the TB.If nothing I don't know what else to tell you.
Man do I feel stupid. I changed over the wiring harness from the ZC to the B motor and got to the MAP sensor. It wasn't on the ZC. Where'd it go? I posted here before calming down and looking in my 89 CRX shop manual. There on probably 10 pages is the MAP sensor, showing it in black and white, stuck on the firewall, next to the vacuum purge solenoid. Boy do I feel stupid.

Dave K.
Cool,it was external,glad you found it.