My add boost for free idea.

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i was in class a few weeks ago when my teacher was talking about our dodge ram pickup which has like 400whp and he said in 4wd allmost 10,000 ft/lbs. and i get the idea for a supercharger. well not a supercharger in its self but a supercharger esque part. the idea was for my b18c 97 gsr. how ever i think i might use my d15b7 as the guinnea pig incase it blows or doesnt work at all. im going to take the stock air condiditoning compressor and have it engine mounted and belt driven like before. but only the low pressure side will be ran through a port somehow on the intake. and the highpressure side will run off its own cold air style tube and filter (just smaller). and i will wire it in to an rpm switch or just wire it so that when the vtec kicks it kicks on as well. but for the d15 engine which mine has no vtec ill use an rpm switch. i forgot what the numbers are for cfm how ever i remember with the b18c engine it gained 25.5%. HP increase. i know what your thinking rightnow, thats not possable from an a/c compressor. and your right, thats because im going to still have my cold air intake system that is naturally aspirated. im just going to give it a boost with the compressor. so the eingine will be running NA all the time and when i push the button or it hits the rpm range it will give somthing like 22% more airflow. like i said it only gains 26hp at most but its free. all i have to do is figure out the lubrication method so i dont burn out the compressor. but i also cant have oil flowing through the lines like it would as a AC since oil would be going into my intake and thats bad. just my crazy idea im going to start working on soon. reply with questions comments or anything else. i dont mind the your crazy posts but thats not gonna stop me ill just prove it to all yall conventionalists/traditionalists.

Sure you can make 22% more airflow. If you're only flowing 5cfm.
To the opener.. Coming up with ideas is half of the battle, the other half is making them work. So your almost there lol. Im in my second year of schooling to becoming an A&P technician (airplane mechanic) and from what ive learned in powerplants class( turbojets,turbo props, powerturbines, etc....) the desgin of the turbine/difuser/rotor blade what ever you want to call it, is what creates the pressure and movement of air.(thats why turbos are designed the way they are), and an A/C compresser dosent even have a turbine. Its just a piston compressing air which gets nowhere near the same rotational speed as at turbo(which can rotate up to 30,000- 60,000+ RPM). Like some people said before i could see possibly a gain in lower end if even that, and nothing in the higher end I mean have you ever realized how much air your engine is sucking in, even at idle( with respect of compression ratios and what not). But still i believe a typical recipricating engine sucks in more at idle than a A/C compressor can put out... But thats just my opinion. Go turbo!
Youd probably "make" more horsepower completely removing your a/c system v/s your idea. I give props to your teacher for helping the "creative ideas" of his students...but he needs to be slapped for reinforcing the thoughts of this particular idea actually working.