Obama’s birth cert still cannot be found

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why no... of course not... that would be treasonous... i would never suggest such a thing
im simply talking about a "do over" :)
Don't pay anyone not even the president over $100K a year. and cut their flex spending back 75% some guys get up to 10K a week to spend on travel....

Make it so people only want the job because they WANT the job.

Pisses me off how I truly feel that very few people hold their jobs to run this country. It's about the money and "gifts"

Just look at how many peoplle swung on the health care reform.... Weird how someones line of thoughts change when you give them that you wont have your job in 2 years wink.....


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1776= Patriot
2011= Domestic terrorist

Be careful or were going to have another "Where's E?" thread. Don't eat the cock meat sandwich...

For the record, I vote Mulligan as well.