omg, my dream house is for sale

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ever since i was a kid, i was fascinated by this house.

its right across the street from where the fireworks and fair was every year growing up.

huge plot of flat land overlooking a farm... just 5 min out of town. Find a Home - Listing Detail

god damnit, i'd give anything to buy this... just way too much money. lol

3 roomates wanted @ $1000 a month :p
750k huh? i would be down if i lived over there. i would split it with you. you would get so much ass from having a house like that it would be worth the mortgage. should find a way to get it...thats a nice place!
selling the M will still not put this in my reach.
thats 5k a month for a mortgage. taking 800 off that, still doesn't put me anywhere near it.

i can swing about 2 or so and keep the m, or 3 w/o the m.... so i'm still 2k short.... and thats before bills, and worse, property taxes. lol

not happeneing, as much as i'd give anything for it to happen.
Different kind of house. I guess. But I see how you were prbably fascinated. It is definitely different from typical houses. Sucks.

I hope I can afford a house like that in a bit. I just need to get licensed and bonded already.
Thats fucking huge for that price.

Its like 520k for a 2100 sq. ft. with no land here.
llot size between 2 and 5 acres thats a wild ass guess on the realtors part
you don't look at houses much do you...
there are choices
under 1
1-2 acres
2-5 acres

nice house, looks more like an art gallery building or something