p30 ecu wit b20vtec setup

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the b20b block has no knock sensor so do i need to reprogram the ecu and eliminate the knock sensor or should i just buy a p28 ecu and have it chipped for dohc or is there any other way i can make this work. i would like to keep my p30 if possible. thanks for all your help!
yO. p28 with hondata will not check for a knock sensor... and you will have full tunability. and you can sell the p30 for near 200 bucks.
...Or...you could just have your ecu chipped for like $150 shipped and keep your p30. up to you. most all of those aftermarket chips eliminate the knock sens. anyway. Send a pm on here to AllMotorMonster. He can help ya with the details.
ACK! NO!!!!

chips are so not worth it. esp on a rare p30. chip a p28, not a p30- its too valualbe

ive them go for $275+
Just install a knock sensor and run a p72. See LSVTEC in FAQ. If there is a blank for it on the back of the motor under the intake manifold tap the blank with a 12mm tap, thread the sensor in and go. If not then follow the instructions I used for my knock sensor.
isn't a p72 for duel butterfly intakes i'm runnin a 2nd gen b16 head so i do'nt think that will work