Proof That Type R Stickers Are Fast

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Damn, B, crawl out from under your desk, er that rock, er whatever. :p
sweet, i want to get a bunch of "type R" stickers for my car now.
i heard every sticker you put on your car gives you like 1 hp. that's how they got their cars to be so fast in TF&TF. :p
thats the best thing ive ever saw lol... to bad i didnt have cool hotwheels like that when i was little... all mine were plastic lol... FWD wheelie... lol thats a first lol
Hell yeah! type r stickers rule! First time seeing it for meh too. :D
Originally posted by pissedoffsol@Apr 17 2003, 05:41 AM
:( i never saw it before

:werd: :withstupid: :lol: LMFAO that was awesome!

he owns joo!
new to me =) its almost as good as lego porn