RIP Big 12

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It's not going to happen anytime soon though. From what I read the schools can't leave the conference for at least two more seasons. So that would me the changes would happen before the 2012 season.
yeah, the beginning of 2012 is going to be crazy. 16 teams in the pac-10? wowzers. no more east coast bias. it WILL be the strongest conference in college sports. even more than the SEC.
F Nebraska. They can stay in the Big 12. I heard some other teams want to join The Big TEN as well. Cant remember who though, a guy at work told me.
lol Neb is going.

and the only reason it will be 2 years is cause they have the football schedule already made up to 2012.
the other teams they are talking about going to the Big Ten are Rugers, and maybe Missouri, and oh course Norte Dame has a standing invite to the Big Ten
notre dame wont go. they are too independent. if anything it will be missouri or kansas.