Roll Cages?

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Coming from the Subaru population, roll cages are seen pretty frequently.

on the other hand, i have searched for the civic h/b, and no results.

anybody know where i can find info, specs on existing cages?

also where are the week point in the chassis?

and yes it is for an all out race car, little if any street driving :p

what kind of cage are u looking at? weld in, bolt in, and for what sort of racing. i assume u want weld in/custom if its gonna be a trailer queen. so i would suggest looking at the rule book for the specific race series u want to get into.@@it will tell u wat specs the cage needs to be built to. some series like IT get pretty complicated regarding cages.

If u are going bolt in tho, autopower cages are NASA approved. u can also pick the brain of ur local cage builder.
cusco makes cages, and sells them as well
speaking of cusco cages...






that was my old cage, nice fits really tight, lightweight chromoly. problem is that it is not legal for any event/series that requires a roll cage. if u just want to put one in for some chasis stiffening it is fine, but it will not pass tech if u are required to have one.
No i need/want an FIA approved cage, those pass any tech inspection.

thanks for the posts

i'll probably have to make a custom one based on existing FIA req.

well since i didnt have time yesterday to post this imma post it now.... in the NHRA general regulation book it says any car running faster than 135MPH or 10.99 sec in the quarter mile must have a cage...

all cage structures must be designed in an attempt to protect the driver from all angles, 360 degrees.

On unibody cars with stock floor and firewall, the roll cage may be bolts or welded to the floor/rocker box via 6-inch x 6-inch x .125-inch steel plates similar to the roll cage... those are basic thing... if you wanna check out the rule book check out it should be in there under sport compact series or something like that
the cusco has too man bends in it. as u can see the bar going to the dash has numerous bends in it to avoid the dash.
A little late in this topic, but I was just wondering, can you feel the difference when you put that cusco cage in? How much was it and how heavy is it?
you can defenitely feel a difference in the chasis after installing the cage. It stiffens the chasis up alot (not as much as a weld in though). the price is about 550-600 brand new for the 6 point. i believe up to 12 points are available for it. the 6pt weighs approx 35-45lbs (chromoly, so light)
None of the links are for show bars. All will meet the requirement for any racing series for a street driven Civic HB. All make cages/roll bars pre-cut to fit a Civic HB but some final cutting and assembly is required. A link is provided that shows how to install a cage using a Camaro as the project car. The same principal applies to a Civic.

This is not a novice build and I HIGHLY recommend that you have a professional install whatever you buy.

$150 8 point roll cage fabricated for Civic HB (I can't get this link to work)
web address is bars&cages.html cut and paste it (sorry) :(

$120 4pt roll bar or $180 8pt cage...Look on the left under "roll bars, cages, padding"
Applied Racing

$227 8pt cage
CA Chassis Works

How to install a 10pt roll bar
click on "10ptrollbar" on this link

I have a lot more links but this is enough to get you started.