Windstorm today & tomorrow

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and prolly no paycheck for you today...hehe
we have a 1990 honda accord 2dr at my fathers dealership that we had nothing in for money so decided to part out. Well after the motor was taken out the car got stuck outside with the hood sitting on the roof. Wind picked it upthrew it about 25-30 ft threw the air where it then hit the tailgate of a 4runner bounced off that and blew the rear window of a sentra out that was next to it and then hit the quarter of a customers accord. 2 lareg dent and a blown out rear window. That hood fucked some shit up
that wind went through wisconsin wednesday this week. car alarms going off every other second, trash cans rolling all over and all the cups from our parties got blown down the road :D
If you want wind, Come to Boulder, CO all this month. During November, there is always at least one really bad windstorm with up to 100 mph gusts. the first one of the season was last Tuesday, several trees were blown down, and a trailer was blown over.