wiring harness??

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what is the best wiring harness for my buddy to use on his b20b swapped civic? its the 97 ek. its being converted to obd1 by the jumper harness. the only wiring harness he has is the stock single cam 1. what would the best harness be for him to get?
You might have to just lengthen a few sections of harness if the plugs can't reach. This is easy to do if you have a soldering iron and heat shrink tube.
Yeah use the stock harness and lengthen where needed. You will also need to change a few things on the harness. Go to ff-squad.com for all the info and diagrams for the wiring. You need to chang the crank sensor plug and the AIC plug and move a few pins on the ECU plugs. I just did a Ls swap in my 98 Hx and the swap is almost excatly like swapping into an Ex. I used a Lx harness on my swap but I had a 5 wire O2 sensor. The wiring is super easy so dont worry.