WTB: 13", 14"or 15" RIMS + TIRES

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New Member
Hello everybody!

This is my firts post on HondaSwaps, but I am going to be around for a while,
since I own '94 Civic LX.

Currently I am planning to race at AutoX event and need
second set USED rims + tires.

They might be either 13s, 14s or 15s on a reasonable price.
I live in Chicagoland so would be better if somebody have something around me to avoid shipping.

THANKS for looking,
and have a good one!
I am looking for set rims and tires for b/w $120-200,
either 13", 14", 15" (aluminum).

I don't need shiny wheels!
I need old, light rims + decent tires.