WtB/WtT B18 Ls motor And Other Goodies

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im wanting to do a swap to my stock civic hatchback . i would like to see if anyone has a b18 ls integra motor 90 -91 . i will also need wiring harness. ecu. and also shift linkage... if anyone has these parts please list them and i will surely buy them for a good price. i also have a d15 motor from my civic with about 92000 miles on it... brand new centerforce clutch .. the car is a 4 speed. if someone buys it i will throw in the ecu and harness. i live in NY ... thanks Dan
have two complet b18a1's, but completely ripped apart. I could send you whatever you wanted. Cali though. little far but let me know if any of this intrests you.

Originally posted by bulletproofhoodies@Aug 6 2004, 02:13 PM
90 ls motor f/s no tranny $500 firm
you pay shipping
e-mail me bullet_proof_hoodies@yahoo.com

i can get i lot of engines and parts

if you doing a ls motor in your hatch you need:

ecu ls itr or crx si
wire harness (crx si or / crx hf
i can maybe get those parts for you
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damn thats a fortune for a b18a. I'm looking for $500 for a 99 b18b