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1988 civic si b18a1 wiring problems

Discussion in 'HYBRID -> ED-EF / DA' started by zwfabwz, Sep 21, 2010.

  1. zwfabwz

    zwfabwz New Member

    Well i know little to nothing about wiring but i am planning to do it myself. I have a 1988 si shell with everything but the motor and transmission, and i have the full swap for a 91 LS(b18a1). i wanted to know when it comes down to the wiring harness which will i have to use? What will i need to change on it for it to fit correctly?
  2. bestcrx18

    bestcrx18 New Member

    ok i have no idea how to work this web site... I have a crx 1990 with a ls swap that has eagle rods with b 20 cams. I bought this car haveing a problem with wireing. The car would run really great when it is cold but when it warmed up it would die..... the whole car is out... wait a few minutes and the car eventually starts back up. A buddy of mine pulled out the wireing harness and tryed to fix it but who ever had it be4 had the wires all messed up. Once we put it back in it would run only below 3500 rpms (in safe mode?) so i tryed to look what sensor we forgot but there was no sensor on the motor but there was a sensor thats just hanging in the engine by it self. JUST CANT FIGURE IT OUT????? So i buy a used wireing harness from the wrecking yard and install it. every thing matches up excepted the two wires for the starter.. and and a few other connectors on the driver side.the ls wireharness dosnt match up with the crxs main wires that go to the ecu. should i get all the wires that go to the LS MOTOR and ecu??? I try putting the black/red with the black/red wire n the black to black. but then when i go to start it. When u first turn over a key it should just turn on the radio and power but the car will be already turning over and if i reverse that it will turn over the normal way.. And im not getting spark PLEASE HELP ME THIS IS MY ONLY RIDE TO SCHOOL. this is very important. HELP!!!!
  3. Fernpatch

    Fernpatch Member

    Use the stock SI harness from your car. It should be a plug and play affair. You may need to lengthen a few wires to get it to lay correctly on the engine but it is not all that hard to do. I do not recommend using the LS harness, as far as I know it does not plug into the civic cabin harness.
  4. Fernpatch

    Fernpatch Member

    First please don't thread jack
    Second I am having a little trouble understanding what you need but I will try and help you any way.
    When you say the whole car is out do you mean that the whole car shuts down ie the lights, radio, dash and everything else all stops working or just the engine dies? If it's just the engine going dead I would be looking into distributor, main relay, or ignition switch problems. If the whole car is shutting down I would be looking into battery connections, main power and ground cables, and fuse box problems.
    As far as what harness you need to use, get a stock harness for your car and modify it to work with the LS. If your crx is an SI or HF than it is a plug and play swap. If your car is a DX than you will need to do a dpfi to mpfi swap to the new harness. Search this site or use google and there are many great write ups to be found on how to do this swap.

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