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2000 Civic EX knock sensor code

Discussion in 'ECU's, Electronics, and Tuning' started by coat4gun, Oct 11, 2011.

  1. coat4gun

    coat4gun New Member

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    Oct 11, 2011
    I replaced a head gasket a few months ago... and broke the knock sensor with the intake manifold. I have since replaced with 4 new sensors and still get a knock sensor code. The CEL will go off for a day, sometimes 2 and then come back on.

    The first 2 sensors were low end $100 sensors from Rock Auto. The 3rd was a little better (Wells) from Rock auto. Finally I decided to get one from Honda dealer and it still throws the code.

    I checked continuity to ground and no. I checked continuity of wire from ECU to KS end and get .8 Ohms resistance. Not sure if that is normal or not. Moving the wire while checking continuity shows no breaks in connection.

    Any thoughts on what could be the problem? I am really tired of changing out knock sensors... not real easy to get at. Could it be the ECU? Strange that the ECU would go bad at the same time I break the knock sensor. I really just want the CEL to go away.
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