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2003 GK Tiburon 6 Speed

Discussion in 'Vehicles: For Sale/Trade/Wanted' started by Darthmentos, May 4, 2006.

  1. Darthmentos

    Darthmentos Junior Member

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    Aug 23, 2005
    Something has to give, with two hot rods and one new baby.So this is it.
    This tiburon has been modified with keeping it good looking, with an eye toward reliability.
    Injen full CAI with K&N Filter
    MB Motorsports Weapon Wheels
    Falken Ziex 512 radials (less than 4000 miles)
    Centerforce Dual Friction clutch , currently less than 150 miles.
    Has been to the drag strip once, which is where I found the factory clutch to be really poor.hence , Its replacement.
    V6 engine is super torquey, and 6 speed feels " just right" in every gear exept 2nd seems a little short and could wind longer.
    usual Dings/dents for a three year old that lives in the Birmingham metro area.
    Milage varied wildly depending on foot weight [​IMG] Best 28.8 MPG worst 23 (not comparable to my civic)
    One wheel may be warped, Picking up a light vibration from the right rear. If it is I will repair or replace.
    I am a good guy and am NOT trying to profit from the cars sale. I am actually losing my butt on it, but such is the nature of these sorts of things.
    Pics, I can email or if someone is familiar with how to host here, I would appreciate it.
    I am asking for the car's pay off value only ( $11,900 give or take on the small change)
    Loaner to assume payments of $358.87 for 48 months with approved credit through the leinholder ( Wells Fargo )

    Please no lowballing or dumping as the car's price is it's price. That is what the loan is on it, and is quite beyond my control. Telling me that it is worth $1750 doesn't do anything exept make me think you are taking mind altering drugs.but if you have some thats OK, send me one.
    Car is located in Birmingham Alabama and is currently in storage at Lomax.
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