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89 hatch 1300

Discussion in 'Vehicles: For Sale/Trade/Wanted' started by onlytime, Jul 24, 2004.

  1. onlytime

    onlytime Member

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    Jan 21, 2004
    im selling my baby ('89 civic hatch) to buy a bike ..

    pretty much everything on this car has came off my 91 hatch. doors,panals,dash,all of the interior from the 91 has been put in and also exterior
    full 91 front end ..this car has never been in an accident what so ever, nadda . only switched everything out becuase when i was driving my 91 hatch the hood popped up at 110mph and blew out my wiendshield an dented the fuck out of the roof,so i got an 89 and switched it over..
    as far as the engine goes, its a rebuilt d15b2 with about 35,000 miles on it, also just worked the heads ,like doing a valve job etc. newish clutch and water pump.
    runs very reliable and also gets 41mpg..i have never had any problems with this car,it has been very dependable and good to me,will go anywhere you wanna go..

    car has black and red interior, with a black primer body ,comes with 4 '98 GSR wheels wich are the better of the integra wheels(blades),and 4 13" steelies
    98 integra tail light conversion (the oem all red lights)
    shaved the side moldings,hatch key hole,and the ant.
    iceman intake
    brand new DNX catback duel tipped(not cheap)Sounds very good!
    pretty meen looking car right now..without a body kit..
    there has been only one lil' problem recently,, when i redid the heads i might of got the eacv(electronic air controle valve)wire mixed up with another cause the eacv isn't working like its suppoed to..
    the car also comes with the 91 hatch for a parts car if ya want it, and im throwing in hella other crx and hatch parts that are laying around in my shop..
    im asking 1300. for everything..also comes with d16z6 block and complete head ...........Clean Title, second owner
    i live south of houston texas, give me a hauler
    please be serious if you plan on buying it, thanks
    casey at- onlytime@hotmail.com
    got pics but havent got them devaloped yet... WILL TRADE FOR NEWISH NINJA 250 or 600
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