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91 b18a1 into 88 crx dx

Discussion in 'Civic and CRX - EF' started by *crxtasy*, Sep 7, 2006.

  1. *crxtasy*

    *crxtasy* New Member

    I have a wrecked 91 integra ls that I plan to swap into my 88 crx dx.

    I have been researching the swap for several months now and it seems simple enough, but looks like a little more work than to swap it into a 90/91 si. I know i need the integra hubs, ecu, and shift linkage to work with the engine/tranny, do I need anything else?

    Seems like all I would need to buy are some mounts.

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  2. jlicrx

    jlicrx Senior Member

    you will need to use your DX engine harness and do the wiring changes for DPFI to MPFI - you will need the engine, transmission, intermediate shaft and axles and ECU from the Integra - you do not necessarily need the Integra hubs unless you just want the larger Integra brakes - you will need aftermarket engine mounts and aftermarket shift linkage
  3. *crxtasy*

    *crxtasy* New Member

    ok thanks, seems simple enough.
  4. pyro_freek

    pyro_freek New Member

    if you use the integra brakes wouldnt you have to use different spindles or will they bolt up and not mess the geometry up in the front end
  5. drummingpariah

    drummingpariah Author of the Madness Man

    You'll also need the exhaust manifold, about 8 hours for rewiring your dx harness to work with the mpfi, you'll need new fluids, you'll have to do some custom work to the upper and lower radiator hoses (your EF radiator hoses were of smaller diameter than the new Integra hoses) or the Integra radiator.

    You'll need a welder and preferrably a plasma cutter (for the shift linkage customization).

    You're also going to want the pr4 ECU out of the integra, it'll be easier to remap and work better out of the box than your DX ECU.

    You're also going to have to decide upon a map sensor, and how your vacuum lines will be laid out.

    You'll need the axles from the integra (you may not need the spindles and hubs, you shouldn't... it may require that you get ahold of a set from a CRX Si, I'm not sure).

    You'll need the custom motor mounts (I got the white ones off ebay, they require the least hammering, you don't have to hit the rear subframe of the engine bay, but do need to hammer for the alternator pulley).

    You're going to want help (make sure the help you get is patient, you'll be raising and lowering your engine in and out of the engine bay a few times, most likely).

    I'm going with the Integra radiator in mine (just because I have it), and didn't have to mess with any hubs or spindles, or wiring problems (because I already have the Si).
    I've put up what info I've some up with here (remove the spaces, hopefully the mods don't remove this just because it's on another forum.)
    w w w . superhonda.com/forum/showthread.php?t=2 9 1 3 4 5

    PM me with any questions you might have along the way, and for god's sake, take pictures of everything you do. At some point you'll run into problems and the only way we can help is if we can see what you're going through.
  6. ef8

    ef8 Junior Member

    He cant use the DX ecu at all even if he had to
  7. drummingpariah

    drummingpariah Author of the Madness Man

    i wasn't aware of that. i had seen people do the wiring conversion, and sort of assumed they were using the same ecu, but reprogrammed. thanks for the correction.
  8. ef8

    ef8 Junior Member

    The DX ECU is dpfi,i guess if you were set on using your dx ecu and had the money its possible but not that i know of
  9. pugarex

    pugarex Senior Member

    you dont need diffrent hubs the dx will work fine. you need the integras ecu (i think the plug is diffrent than the crx (you might have to depin the plug with a small srew driver if it doesnt fit and use the integra one). depending on mounts you dont have to bang the crap out or your rear cross member. you do have to bang the shit out of the frame to clear for the alternator asmall 15lb sledge will work fine.you need integra hoses they will work fine and you can use the crx radiator. and when your done you need toget a traction bar because you will be spinning the wheels somuch (i did the same swap in my dx its awsome)
  10. *crxtasy*

    *crxtasy* New Member

    cool, thank's for the help everyone. I have a friend that wanted the drive axles from the teggy, but now I gotta tell him he can't have em.

    I'm actually trying to get a 91 si cause I know the swap would be easier to do, but until then I gotta settle with a dx. Also I will be sure to take pictures of everything, but I'm trying to save for a rebuild with low compression pistons before I drop it in, cause it'll be a bitch not having a car for a bit and taking the engine out again. But If I don't get that done before spring comes around, then it's just gonna be a strait swap. It's so hard looking at the engine knowing it could be in my car right now, but I know the wait will be worth it.
    Last edited: Oct 5, 2006
  11. ef8

    ef8 Junior Member

    I hope you plan on boosting it
  12. *crxtasy*

    *crxtasy* New Member

    Yea, I'm looking to push 15-20 psi, but that's just dreaming right now.... need to get a job that's not seasonal.
  13. drummingpariah

    drummingpariah Author of the Madness Man

  14. dxkilla27

    dxkilla27 New Member

    Amen to that i have an 89 crx dx with the ls b18a1 in it right now and the tires move alot faster than the car lmao....... 1st thru 4 like to spin it puts you in your seat.... but i am getting ready for a new swap in this little beast........ got me a jdm b16a block i am reworking and a turbo kit i am installing in her i should be pushing about 12psi and good for 250 bhp before the 2 stage fogger system i have i recomend using the hasport motor mounts they keep that b18a1 still i rock them and have no worries about the mounts check them out at hasport.com good luck!
  15. efhondakid

    efhondakid My name is Byron.

    Thread from the dead, start a new one net time.
  16. drummingpariah

    drummingpariah Author of the Madness Man

    normally, I'd argue that this is good use of the search tool, but since his post was largely useless, I agree. Don't post in someone else's thread unless you have something worth saying.
  17. *crxtasy*

    *crxtasy* New Member

    The thread is 2 years old......... swaps done and gone. I'm woking on a k series crx now, but that all depends on how the next few months go in the Corps.

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