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94 Civichatch Dx Swap

Discussion in 'HYBRID -> EG-EK / DC' started by 94hatchman, Jan 24, 2003.

  1. 94hatchman

    94hatchman Junior Member

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    Jan 24, 2003
    i was wondering what swap should i get into my 94 civic hatch dx? B16A1, B16A2/3, B16B, B17A, B18A, B18B, B18C, B20, F22, h22, or h23. Dont worry i got the money. I wanna know which one would give the best performance, and if you could give me a estimate on the price that would be cool. :blink:
  2. Domeskilla

    Domeskilla Senior Member

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    Oct 27, 2002
    Fort Wayne, IN
    Depends, what are your intentions? Your car is OBD 1.


    B18a (obd 0) Stick with your OBD
    B18b ~1200 for swap (Get OBD 1 (94-95))
    B20 ~ 800 for long block (you can't use the CRV tranny, get LS Hydro tranny)
    H23 I have no idea a price, but its only good for straights

    All motor:

    B16a (SiR II swap) ~2250USD
    B16a2 (its obd 2) Stick with your OBD
    B16a3 (dol sol vtec engine) You wont find one.
    B17 (92-93 GS-R engine) Good luck finding one
    B18C1 (get 94-95 swap) ~3000
    B18C5 (you will have to convert it to OBD 1) ~4650 (for 97-98) ~5500 (for 98-99)
    H22 It seems cheap, but you need HASport mounts, and then it will give understeer, but if you are just a drag racer, you will be fine.

    I dont know anything about the F22, but its a SOHC motor i do believe, so, IMO, its worthless.
  3. asmallsol

    asmallsol Super Moderator

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    Sep 28, 2002
    Houghton/Livonia Michigan

    if you go b20 for turbo, you have to sleeve it. Using a b18b block and boring it out would be a much smarter way to go 2.0 turbo.

    the b20 can also be used in all motor aplications but again it has to be totally rebuilt (minus sleeves) because it cant withstand the high rpms of trying to beat corvettes when angry :)

    :werd: about the f22, it will give you all the grive that an h22 would but in the end you still have a crap engines, that is why people swap them out of accords and throw the h22's in there. Also no one makes mounts for that swap because no one wastes their time with it.
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