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96 dx auto to manual conversion

Discussion in 'Civic and del Sol - EG and EK' started by nastylude, Aug 16, 2006.

  1. nastylude

    nastylude New Member

    Just want to know if i can use a 99 5-speed as a donor car for parts to complete this conversion. Can anyone verify that this will work?

  2. 93delsolsi

    93delsolsi Junior Member

    Auto to Manual Conversion for Civic’s 92-95
    These FAQ should be identical for 96-98 Honda Civic EX. Obtain the following parts: Manual Transmission Clutch Pressure Plate Flywheel Clutch Hydraulic System Composed of these parts: Slave Cylinder Hydraulic Lines Clutch Master Cylinder Hydraulic Reservoir Clutch Pedal Clutch Pedal Sensors AND plugs Brake and Gas Pedal Manual Transmission ECU Shift Linkage Shift Boot Shift Knob Upper Transmission Mount Front Transmission Stabilizer.

    [FONT=ADLMME+TimesNewRoman,Times New Roman]Remove and replace automatic transmission with manual unit. [/FONT]Interior: [FONT=ADLMME+TimesNewRoman,Times New Roman]You must remove the armrest/center console and shift boot trim panels to gain access to the shifter and related parts. You will see that the shifter cable runs through the floorboard to the transmission. Remove the cable. Take an air-chisel and remove the welds that hold cable guide bracket that you just removed. You need to remove this to allow access for the manual transmission shifter linkage to work properly. To fill in this huge hole, use a piece of sheet metal, and trim it to fit. Attach it with self-tapping sheet metal screws. [​IMG][​IMG][/FONT]

    [FONT=ADLMME+TimesNewRoman,Times New Roman]On the shifter for the auto transmission, you will see a 14-wire plug. Cut the plug from the auto shifter assembly, and leave about 5 inches of wire. Looking at the plug, the positions are (left to right) (top row) 14,13,12,11,10,9,8 and (bottom row) 7,6,5,4,3,2,1. [​IMG][/FONT]

    Starter (top) Sensor:

    There are two heavy gauge wires (position #11 and position #12). Connect these two wires to the top sensor (clutch interlock switch) on the clutch pedal assembly. This will only allow the car to start when the clutch pedal is engaged. In other words, every time you press the clutch you will close the circuit.

    Cruise Control (bottom) Sensor:

    The bottom switch is your cruise control disable switch. Run two wires from the switch: connect one to the position #7 (black) and the other to #13 (pink). Every time you press the clutch pedal, the cruise control will disable. Removing the Key: On the 14-wire plug, there is a black wire you will need to connect to a green wire with a white stripe. This puts the car in "park" so you can take the key out at any time. Reverse Lights: Look at the plug you used on the engine wiring harness to hook up to your reverse sensor on the manual transmission. Run two wires from this switch to the yellow wire and a green wire with black stripe (positions 4 and 5) at the big plug that you cut off from the auto shifter. Now your reverse lights should work. I have heard that if you replace your automatic ECU with a manual one, your reverse lights will work without extra wiring. This has yet to be proven or not (I am still using the auto ECU until next week).
    Price: around $1500

  3. nastylude

    nastylude New Member

    Thanks for the reply I appreciate it. I know how to do the swap i've already done one.

    What I was asking was are the parts for the 99 teg interchangeable with the 96 dx?

  4. 93delsolsi

    93delsolsi Junior Member

    I'm 99% sure the pedals you may need a diffrent shiftlinkage
  5. nastylude

    nastylude New Member

    Answer is: yes all parts are fully interchangeable
  6. latino honda

    latino honda New Member

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