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Advise for LS/VTEC.

Discussion in 'Engine Building' started by rainynight88, Oct 28, 2006.

  1. rainynight88

    rainynight88 New Member

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    Oct 28, 2006
    I have just a few questions, nothing thats out of the ordinary but I really couldn't find the answer to them so I figured I start a thread and ask. I have a Integra LS/VTEC with a B16a Head [completely stock] with I/H/E. I don't plan to bring my car to the track or place a Forced induction kit in it. My questions are.

    1: I really don't feel the VTEC engage as hard as I want it to. Like it doesn't toss me back into my seat as my friends VTEC does. Is there any way to make the VTEC "kick" harder?

    2: From what I hear, my B16 has the "better" air-flow than the other heads but Which head is really best for my LS Motor? My current B16 head or the CTR, GSR, or ITR heads?

    3: I have a P28 ecu and a GS-R ecu, both are un-chipped. I have a JUN chip for the P28 but it's not installed yet. Which would be the better ecu?

    4: Anyone have an estimate, chart, or some other type of reference where it dictates how much estimated HP an LS/VTEC with a B16 head [stock] is pushing?

    5: Any ideas on making the motor push about 200 whp or close to that and can be daily driven but yet afforadble?

    I really appreciate all the input I can get, good or bad. Thanks again!
  2. tartymctang2357

    tartymctang2357 Grand High Wizard

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    Aug 28, 2006
    1. not so sure about how to make it kick harder sorry

    2. the best air flow comes from the CTR head or ITR head because they come factory port and polished but they'er expensive and hard to find, gsr head flows more then a b16 (thats a point of much dispute), i'd say just stick with the b16 head and upgrade the parts in it or just get it port and polished.

    3. gsr would be the better ecu, the p28 ecu is only programed to run a soch so you might run into some problems with that unless you get it reprogrammed, i'd say just chip the gsr and disable the secondary butterflies that it looks for to engage vtec so that you don't have a check engine light and vtec engages

    4. i would imagine that its proably some where around 160hp 130-140tq horsepower or so, don't quote me on that tho its only a guestimate

    5. well building a n/a motor is usually expensive, i'd say bump your compression with either p30 pistons or if you want a real high compression then use ctr pistons, ctr/itr or better cams, new valvetrain (maybe), bigger injectors, the basic i/h/e an intake manifold, port and polished head, and TUNING!!! probably be able to push out 200 hp with that, anything over that you're gonna need alot more money and parts

    good luck on the build! ls/vtec's are fun
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