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anothr rwd v8 civic.

Discussion in 'Engine Building' started by lildj2483, May 11, 2009.

  1. lildj2483

    lildj2483 New Member

    i had a 96 civic 4door sedan just sitting around i paid 50 bucks for the car. and im a ford guy so i figured why not put a ford 302 into it. when i get done the engine will be stroked to a 347. i just started and had the motor and rearend all tied up to make sure it would fit. i just recently started making all the mounts. i lost the password to my other screen name so i made another. my other one was v8 civic. well here are a couple of pics off my old cell. will have more later. to prove that i am building one.lmao

    ok after writing all of this exactly how do i put the pics in here?
  2. phunky.buddha

    phunky.buddha Admin with a big stick Admin

    Cool! Post pics! You should be able to attach them to your posts. Welcome to HondaSwap!
  3. OGMatt

    OGMatt Not a real OG lol

  4. Briansol

    Briansol Admins Admin

  5. lildj2483

    lildj2483 New Member

    that would explain why when i try to put a pic in here all is shows is a red X. lol well i am going to start making all the motor mounts and transmission mount probably today. just keep in mind im a no body in a small ass town i dont even have anything to work in my car is outside. and for a fuel tank im going to use a suburban tank. so far i only have 25 dollars into the project just buying sawzall blades and welding rods. i got a driveshaft out of a mustang and a rearend out of a mazda b4000 that fits beautiful. right now i have some 15X10 spoked rims in the back with some 295/50/r15 tires and they only stick out around 3 inches. the funny part is when im done i can still keep my back seat if i wanted to,lol . but for the exhaust i have some factory headers out of a lincoln mark VII facing backwards the exhaust will make a u turn and go right under the motor. i took the spindles ad switched sides putting the rack and pinion in the front. the entire engine will be in the engine bay. i can almost close my hood. i will also be using the oem rack and pinion. but once i make all the mounts and then cut up a dodge truck bed and hoods and trunks for sheet metal(i have alot of body parts) i will get to work on the interior.
  6. lildj2483

    lildj2483 New Member


    lets see if that works haha if not i have them on that tinypics if this dont work then i will had the link to the pics themselves
  7. lildj2483

    lildj2483 New Member

    oh and in the pics is a mustang transmission but right now its has a e150 van transmission in it so right now it has a big heavy one. and i have no way to get ahold of a lift or anything we. just like i dont plan to spend over 500 dollars on this project and so far i doing good. i was almost about to put a 97 gt 4.6 with a t45 transmission in it with 412 hp but i didnt wanna spend the 300 to get it,lol plus it would have been a little harder to get in. wel getting off of here. wanna make fun of how i am working this thing out then have fun. have any questions feel free o ask. but just to let yall know. i got this far in 2 days,lol i am shooting to have it done and driving by the end of next week. think its possible?
  8. 93menace

    93menace New Member

    nice ride for 50 bucks! let me know how it goes, i would like to try out something like your project as well! best of luck to you!!!
  9. my eyes are bleeding from looking at this
  10. phyregod

    phyregod !!YTINASNI

    Its awesome! i'll be following this one for sure.
  11. wikedeye

    wikedeye Well-Known Member

  12. BrutalB83

    BrutalB83 Brutal Moderator Moderator

    Oh yeah, I remember you. You're the mullet-swingin' redneck that called me a "Yankee". Maybe you hadn't heard yet, but Lee actually surrendered back in 1865. Just a little FYI for you.

    Have fun with your project...
  13. lildj2483

    lildj2483 New Member

    ok for one thing i do not need to know info about ur personal life. ok so if i have a mullet then whats that mean for u? that u have no balls? how about u kiss my ass right now.
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  14. Jizared97

    Jizared97 Well-Known Member

    My instructor in college would love to see this. He is a HUGE ford man and is into these kinds of swaps. I'll be sure to show this to him.
  15. 99sidude

    99sidude Moderator Moderator

    Awesome build! Hope you finish it and post lots of pics:welcomeani:. I love low budget swaps like this where alot of creativity is used with the build.
  16. lildj2483

    lildj2483 New Member

    well worked on the drive shaft today. the mustang one was 1 inch to short. so my mazda b4000 rear section drive shaft is perfect so tomorrow i am going to put the mustang yoke on the mazda drive shaft. got some of the mounts planned out for the motor and the rack and pinion. as soon as i get some more work done i will take more pix. i have seen other swaps using chevy and i have seen them cut out way to much and spend to much and blow it way out of proportion. if i wanted to i have a 97 mustang gt 4.6 with a t45 transmission i could put in there if i wanted to but i would rather this 302. i am a ford man. i also have a 92 f150 swb flareside with the m5r2 transmission and a 347 stroker in it. its easy to build a 302 into a 347 stroker. well will try to have more pix tomorrow. to do something like this all you really need is an imagination, a sawzall, and some knowledge. when i get it done im going to weld the back doors shut from the inside and install a complete roll cage from the front to the back. to make sure i dont kill myself,haha. well good night people.
  17. lildj2483

    lildj2483 New Member

    oh and incase yall are wondering see in the pic of the engine eing held by a chain. yea i did end up ripping that bolt off. busting the water pump and timing cover when i was pulling it foward a half inch,haha but i have 3 more engines in my shed for parts haha.
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  18. Magana559

    Magana559 The Warden

    ha ha thats crazy as hell!

    nice work and good job! keep it up!
  19. BrutalB83

    BrutalB83 Brutal Moderator Moderator

    Hmmm. You should stick to the fabricating and not the insulting. The fabricating it seems like you're good at. The insulting...not so much...
  20. lildj2483

    lildj2483 New Member

    nah im not really good at it but what they hell i figured i try. im pretty good at it in person. but when im on here i cant say it i have to type it so for me its completely different. i was just thinking about something i got an 83 mustang on the other property im wondering if i could make that front kmember work. imma measure tomorrow to see if i can put it on. but i still have the stock suspension in the front and in the back i am going to use the oem civic shocks. well will update mroe later. going back to bed.

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