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can i blow my engine

Discussion in 'Forced Induction' started by crxpower24, Mar 3, 2011.

  1. crxpower24

    crxpower24 Member

    hi i just got a new crx with a b18a1 can i blow the engine with a ford probe turbo or how many pounds of boost can it hold or do i change pistons???:hmm:
  2. Briansol

    Briansol Admins Admin

    anything CAN blow up. it's all about the tune and fuel delivery to match.
  3. |Chaz|

    |Chaz| Well-Known Member

    Of course you can blow it. Careful though, that model is known to cum a lot. Just be ready for when it finishes. Hope you're a swallower.
  4. 95b16coupe

    95b16coupe New Member

    hahahaha you thought you had a b18c5 huh....rofl
  5. dc4dude

    dc4dude New Member

  6. BrutalB83

    BrutalB83 Brutal Moderator Moderator

    Why is this in the EW section? Moving this to forced induction...
  7. crxpower24

    crxpower24 Member

    i do i have c5 and 18a1 but its in a crx and the c5 is in my integra but the crx is lighter and faster then my integra
  8. nootrac22

    nootrac22 Well-Known Member

    Going just by the title my answer would be They're your lips you can put them on what ever you would like.
  9. Bobby17772

    Bobby17772 New Member

    are you asking if it's possible or are you wondering how to?
  10. crxpower24

    crxpower24 Member

    well i want to know if i could put 15psi to my b18a1 with out no mobs like pistons or would the engine blow out with that many pounds
  11. hondafreak513

    hondafreak513 New Member

    15psi is about the max as long as it is tuned right and you got the right fuel delivery going to it.. And a big intercooler..
  12. crxpower24

    crxpower24 Member

    so i doent need to change pistons because this guy in a shop told me that i had to with that many psi
  13. BrutalB83

    BrutalB83 Brutal Moderator Moderator

    Do you know what turbo you plan to use? 15 psi on a tiny turbo is different then 15 psi on a giant turbo...
  14. hondafreak513

    hondafreak513 New Member

    Exactly this is right... My ex-brother-inlaw had a T3/T4 turbo pushing 14-15psi on a stock B18A1 and it held up fine..
  15. crxpower24

    crxpower24 Member

    the turbo is pretty small it looks like this but cleaner and its out but do i need to change the ecu too
  16. Matts96HB

    Matts96HB Supah Moderatah Moderator

    its hardly even worth putting on the car if youre looking for performance
    yes you will need to change the ecu, or have it chipped if it is an obd1 ecu
    you will need a proper tune in order for the car to run correctly and last a while

    but in all honesty, i dont think id waste my time with that turbo
  17. Magana559

    Magana559 The Warden

    wow......just wow

    tune it keep it at or below 300whp
  18. hondafreak513

    hondafreak513 New Member

    What?? You think 15 is too much for a stock LS..
  19. Matts96HB

    Matts96HB Supah Moderatah Moderator

    he was referring to the fact that psi is being considered a power level again

    i have given up on this matter
  20. hondafreak513

    hondafreak513 New Member

    Just shoot me now... My bad Matt Im having troubles remembering shit..

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