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change of plans. d and k series

Discussion in 'Parts: For Sale/Trade/Wanted' started by fashoN256, May 26, 2009.

  1. fashoN256

    fashoN256 New Member

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    Aug 18, 2006
    Everything needs to go. thanks for looking
    email: phatride404@hotmail.com
    location: huntsville AL
    plus shipping and paypal fees

    K20a2 6 speed 36k with papers...full swap(motor trans. harness ecu) 4000

    94 honda civic (black) doors trunk bumpers fenders lights and interior

    D15b7 5 speed trans. - no grinds, cable trans...85
    94 Civic coupe steering column....30
    D16 altenator...25
    D16 starter - 25
    P06 manual ecu - virgin....60
    D series(non vtec) stock valve cover...10
    B and D series fuel injectors...
    EG lower control arms...25
    EG coupe tails....30
    EG coupe altezza tails - bnib...75
    EG coupe clear corners and stock corners....20
    93 integra rear suspension...35
    EG pass. air bag....80
    EK steering wheel air bag...50
    D16z6 intake manifold, fuel setup, etc....40
    D15b7 intake manifold, tb, etc.....40
    EG blower motor and heater core...55
    EG SRS system....50
    D15b7 clutch kit (duralast) bnib ....50
    EG radiator and fan shroud (good condition)...40

    s2000 steering wheel (no bag)-50
    Rsx-s brake booster - 45
    Rsx-s steering wheel(no bag) - 50
    Rsx-s gauge cluster with wiring - 120

    Swap parts: For EG
    Karcepts shifter relocator - 140
    Hybrid Racing clutch line - 100
    Hyrbid Racing conversion harness - 340
    Innovative K series swap mounts (all black) - 380
    Karcepts radiator relocator - 35
    Hybrid Racing fuel lines - 230
    Walboro 255 lph fuel pump - 90
    K-Tuned fuel rail - 120
    K-Tuned a/c & p/s delete kit - 180
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