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cleaned out the garage!!!!!

Discussion in 'Parts: For Sale/Trade/Wanted' started by jdm94civic, Apr 22, 2009.

  1. jdm94civic

    jdm94civic New Member

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    Nov 26, 2008
    ok today i cleaned everything out the garage today and need all this stuff gone make an offer that included shipping... not going to put pics on this site to many pics but here my photo bucket: Pictures by crxflamer91si - Photobucket

    -z6/d15b intake mani
    -advance special filter
    -ef battery tray (white)
    -the battery tie downs
    -1991 honda warranties book/ 91 honda crx orginal owners manual
    -jensen flipout head unit tv ant. there like bunny ears they pick up local channels
    -two jensen remotes
    -14b i think it has bent fins
    -14b waste gate acualator? lol
    -t25/14b complete hot side
    -dohc zc tranny diff.
    -brand new donut gaskets for exhaust mani
    -some of eg6 fog lights harness with switch
    -muffler silenter
    -t25 turbo flange
    -stock fpr's
    -gaskets for turbo prolly dsm's
    -eg clock
    -honda main relay
    -map sensor
    -sohc top radiator inlet
    -window wiper motor
    -resitor box
    -stock eg injectors
    -ef map sensor/ with the other valve
    -obd0 d-series tb
    -d-series drivers side motor mount
    -ef front motor mount manual
    -couple stock fuel rails
    - eg rear seat belts
    -ef ecu kicker panels
    -ef stock cluster NO TACH
    -aftermarket cat.
    -2 d-series tranny cases
    -2 1/2 inch exhaust for a ef no cat or muffler
    -eg front bumper support
    -switches from eg
    -bezel from eg
    -consol from eg
    -front suspension forks
    -pm6 ecu
    -high rising fpr
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