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for sale integra bumper

Discussion in 'Parts: For Sale/Trade/Wanted' started by sv4000lb, Nov 8, 2008.

  1. sv4000lb

    sv4000lb New Member

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    Nov 7, 2008
    -I have a 98-99 oem primier white integra front bumper. center grill has been cut off. and do need some do it yourself work if your willing. imma try to explain it as clear as possible but if you eant pic let me know. i went head on with a dip and the upper corner driver side of the light crack can be repaired. asking 20buck for it first come gets it.(sold)

    -also have wing west spolier that came off a 98-00 eclipse. the same spoiler on the lime green eclpise in the 1st 2fast2furious. i have two of these one in red and one in gold. may fit other car as will.

    -DC 4-1 header for LS/RS non vtec. has 02 sensor plug. there are no crack on the weld but there are two major dent on the bottom from car being to low. askin 20 buck for it. you can get it fix or fix it urself if you know how to cut and weld.

    - have a pr4 Chip LS/RS obd 1 ecu been pre-tune set for my car. asking 100 buck for it. (sold)

    -2000 oem si alloy with new bfg drag radial asking $400. i bought the tires alone over 400. has minor curb mark/scratches.

    - 2 10'inch audiobhann in a class box. total 800watt. no amp. asking 50buck. (gave it to my cousin)

    -jdm gsr stock sir-g short block b18c $400. roughly 40k. i put maybe 8k on it.

    -exhaust i had on my ls it is round (not oval) and it is polish/crome. about the size of a 3 liter bottle maybe a lil bit smaller. asking 20buck. will bolt right up for ls/rs 4dr.

    -94-97 stock oem rear bumper white. 25 buck.

    - i might have some other stuff , turbo parts cant think of it. ill post it up later.

    -intercooler 24inx18in silver. it hook up from the top. example the letter H where the two upper half of the line are where you connect the in/out.
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