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H23A VTEC in EK Hatch

Discussion in 'HYBRID -> EG-EK / DC' started by killektiv, Jan 16, 2008.

  1. killektiv

    killektiv New Member

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    Oct 27, 2006
    Im trying to collect all the info needed, so if anyone can help out that would be great. Im helping out a friend I just started last night.

    We have a H23A VTEC (Blue Top) in an EK Hatch. Everything but the wiring is done. Originally the engine harness was sent off to some company out in Cali to be built for the swap. Appearently they messed it up. This harness is hacked up to hell and back and nothing seems to match any of the diagrams I could find. Also the motor is OBD2 and the car is supposed to be as far as I know. So I shouldn't have to convert anything right?

    What I need to know is what needs to be converted on the harness to match up the car? Where can I find more info on the wiring for this motor set?

    Ive searched a lot of places to include Honda-Tech and these forums as well. The most I can find is info on Frankenstiening H22 with H23.

    I've done several B-Series swaps before to include my own car (B16A in 93 CX Hatch - I had to add the VTEC wires and whatnot) but this seems to be completely different.

    Thanks in advance to anyone who can provide links / info / etc...
  2. got_rice?

    got_rice? New Member

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    Oct 20, 2006
    Where did you get the H23A Vtec? I assume that it is from the european market... If so it should be similar wiring to an H22 but with different fuel maps. I believe that the H23 Vtec on came in automatics. If so then I would use a remapped integra ECU because the P13's apparently don't chip well. If not then use the orginal ECU and go to honda for the ECU diagrams. If you decide to go with an auto tranny then use the original ECU and get the diagrams from honda. If you don't want to wire the harness yourself then you should be able to buy a civic harness off ebay and send it to hasport for conversion.

    Hasport Billet Mounts

    Let me know what you find out. I also encourage you to look up this information for yourself. I am not sure how true all of it is. I just finished an H22 swap into my EG but I have never personally worked with an H23, Vtec or not. I hope this helps.
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