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*HONDA PIX* Greddy Type S / RC 550s / .42.48 TURBO! misc too

Discussion in 'Parts: For Sale/Trade/Wanted' started by steeze, Apr 26, 2006.

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    Dec 9, 2003
    Ok boys and girls, EVERYTHING must go! Its time to start the summer season with some purchases I have been thinking about so make some of your own!

    Please contact me via PM or AIM (iownahondacivic) OR EMAIL (John.grant@myoasis.colum.edu)! Those are the best ways to get a hold of me…

    Everything *should* have prices, unless noted all prices are flexible...

    I like driving so I’ll pretty much meet anyone anywhere 1/2 way if your close…

    DISCLAIMER: I live in Chicago and Ann Arbor, if I don’t respond to your PM in a very timely manner, Chill; I am in Chicago and am more concentrated on college... I’m not flaking out; I am just a VERY busy person. Thanks for understanding in Advance.

    SHIPPING: I will ship to any where, my rates go as follows, 5 dollars in Michigan or Illinois.10 dollars for any Midwest zip code. 15 Dollars for any east coast zip code, and 20 dollars for any west coast zip code. This includes packaging from UPS or FEDEX and $500.00 insurance coverage from the selected shipper.

    PAYMENT: I prefer paypal or cash, I am verified, and have had 30+ transactions.*** IF YOU PAY ME WITH PAYPAL I REQUIRE 3% ADDED ON TO TOTAL!!!!!*** If you choose to send another form of payment, it must be able to be cashed at ANY BANK and your product will not be shipped until the money has cleared (if check)…

    Car Parts


    Good condition, 550cc so you can boost a good amount and not have to worry, I made 340WHP on a stock block @ 14.7psi without maxing them out, very versatile! $215.00


    AEBS intake manifold, its polished and has a mild porting job on the runners. It’s compared to a ported ITR intake manifold and will gain 7-15WHP. *THE FUEL RAIL AND FUEL PRESSURE GAUGE NOT INCLUDED* $OBO


    Hondata s200b engine management system comes with all features enabled except G-monitor and ROMEDITOR, the P28 is from a Del Sol si, and was socketed by Tuning Factory in Michigan. The laptop is a Pentium 2 Dell running winXP pro, nothing really special about it, just used for data logging and tuning. $700 with laptop $550 without.

    Apexi AVCR, bought last summer for $400.00, works REALLY good, the boost by gear feature is the shit! The face has no scratches on it, and the harness to the ECU is uncut. The boost solenoid and map sensor are in perfect condition with no problems, I will include vacuum lines along with everything else. $350.00


    The intercooler piping is for any EF/EG/EK car, its make out of stainless steel piping and painted flat black, the hot side is 2.25" and the cold side is 2.75". All couplings are black silicone and have withstood 20+ PSI of boost with worm clamps. All of the pipe ends are rolled to ensure no blown pipes. The BOV is a genuine Greddy type-s blow off valve. It was used for about 2 years it, works perfectly and still looks great. It has a couple small scratches, but nothing major, and nothing that would decrease performance what so ever. $390 for pipes and BOV.

    *JDM B16 SIR-II Intake Manifold*

    Damn good condition, JDM B16 SIRII intake manifold. Does not have ANY sensors on it or a Throttle body. Just intake manifold and the Stock fuel rail. $75.00

    *Rare 92-95 MINT COND. Gauge Bezel*

    BLACK gauge bezels out of a 93 SI, few scraches, nothing major. Perfect for de-ricing your car $50

    *92-95 Red Passenger side door with Glass*

    Passenger side door with glass, the glass is in good condition, no scratches, or cracks, the door is a manual and has all of the guts still in it. The bottom on the door has a ripple in it from an accident, besides that it’s in good condition. You might be able to repair the ripple or just use the glass and or guts. $75.00 I will not ship this item.
    XXX Pictures soon XXX

    *D16Z6 Air box*

    Stock d16z6 AIRBOX!!! with 5k new OEM filter $35.00

    *EG SI front suspension*

    Front suspension out of a 93 SI, $50.00

    *EG Tail Lights W/ Harness*

    Stock EG tail lights with harness for coupe and sedan only $50

    *EJ 4 door rear sway bar*

    Four door rear sway bar, maybe 19mm not sure haven’t measured it. I don’t have any hardware for it, just the sway bar. $40.00
    XXX Pictures Coming Soon XXX

    *Garrett Sabb 900 T3 Turbo*


    *Nextel Blackberry 7520*
    Nextel blackberry 7520 cell phone. Links up to any e-mail and pushes it to the phone. Great phone, no scratches, crazy good battery life. I have everything pictured. $135.00
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