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I'm a noob

Discussion in 'Integra' started by Swaps, Jan 30, 2007.

  1. Swaps

    Swaps \m/(-_-)\m/

    I just bought a 1990 Integra RS.
    My daily driver decided to blow up on me, so I found this little "gem" really cheap.

    $500. Not bad for a car in decent condition. (or so I thought)
    The guy I bought it from said that the driver side half shaft was bad.
    So, I'm thinking, ok, just get that fixed and i'm good to go.

    not so fast. Now that I have the car, and it's payed for, i find out that BOTH axles need to be replaced. I have no brake pressure, and a badly leaking tire, the idiot chopped the entire stereo harness out, the windows dont roll up all the way, and the clutch is slipping like a whore on a slip n' slide... (ok, that one doesn't really make sence. but just use your imagination)

    So i'm a little pissed off.
    But i'm glad I have a car that can take me to work. But you know what, my job sucks anyway!
  2. Swaps

    Swaps \m/(-_-)\m/

  3. Swaps

    Swaps \m/(-_-)\m/

    can anyone give me some information about new axles?

    how much of a pita are they to replace?

    <edit> i found info on price for Oe as opposed to rebuilds from chain stores.

    What about the install?
    Last edited: Jan 30, 2007
  4. myah

    myah Neu Impact Performance

    buy new ones or go to a salvage yards and get some
  5. hazzardboy95

    hazzardboy95 Hon-daaaa

    Sorry dude, but that cars seen better days. Good luck with it.
  6. Swaps

    Swaps \m/(-_-)\m/

    yeah, thx...

    It was $500... so I didn't expect it to be mint.

    I just wish is wasn't so damn cold (-8*F) so I could do some work on it.
  7. get_nick

    get_nick These snozzberries taste like snozzberries...

    i paid $120 for my last pair of civic axles. call a few places first. they are easy to change if you have the right tools. pretty much undo the suspension and disconnect the hubs. i would do the clutch at the same time if you can.

    you are going to spend another $500-$700 to get it driveable.
  8. 94_gs-r

    94_gs-r can you say 260 whp N/A??

    :thumbsup: ghetto.... steering wheel is most expensive part, good buy
    stuff isnt too spendy.. if all else fails that would make a good ebay car
  9. Swaps

    Swaps \m/(-_-)\m/

    I can deal with the clutch, it only slips if I shift hard.

    I'm most worried about the brakes and the axles...
  10. blazeit007

    blazeit007 New Member

    4 now get a new clutch and do it be4 you cant go
  11. 01GSR


  12. hcivic.com

    hcivic.com Senior Member

    have you flushed the brake system? and tried adjusting the brakes?
  13. Swaps

    Swaps \m/(-_-)\m/

    Dood, it's -13*F up here right now.

    I'm not outside at all if I dont NEED to be.
    I've got a buddy who will be helping me out in the shop at his college.

    So we'll have a heated shop and all the tools we'll need.
    I just need to get the parts.
  14. 01GSR


    yeah get into a warm shop and do it . you better off, then frezin ur ballz offz.
  15. HyperViper©

    HyperViper© New Member

    Thou shall not speak condescending on thee Integra. Tiz blasphemy... and it is after all a beautiful B18A in there, and a fine piece of Honda engineering, despite its age.

    Anyways, you picked it up for $500? I would hazard a guess to say that it probably wasn’t that bad of a deal… Depending on how many kilometers are on it. My 91 RS went 413,000km before the timing belt snapped and smashed the valves… Replaced the heads, and then pulled it off the road a year later because the chassis need way to much work. But All in all, was well worth it. I have had to replace the axels, and they weren’t that expensive, I would be more concerned about your brake problem, because if you have no fluid leaks, it could be the brake booster, and that is very expensive to fix
  16. mac_24_seven

    mac_24_seven I trained Trogdor to pWn

    Man, I"m so happy I live in FL and don't have to put up w/the snow crap...

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