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LS/VTEC? or LS/Turbo? or both?

Discussion in 'HYBRID -> ED-EF / DA' started by RFHOMI2U, Oct 16, 2003.


    RFHOMI2U Senior Member

    Ok, I just bought an entire LS swap. ECU, axles, wiring harness, mounts, tranny, entire thing. It's sitting in my garage. A friend is hooking me up with a B16 head. I was thinking of LS/VTEC, but have heard many bad things. But, I might as well anyways considering the deal on the head I am getting. I was also thinking of the possiblility of LS/Turbo because of how much boost I have heard they are capable of holding. So what's a better idea? LS/VTEC or LS/Turbo? It's definitely not staying stock. Or should I do LS/VTEC and save for turbo?? Either way, forged pistons and rods will be going in, and the possibility of pinning the block as well. Just looking for sugesstions. Thanks! - Ryan

    oh yea.... what was it that the LS rods were bad after? I heard they absolutely can not spin past 7,000 rpm's. Is it 7,000? or 7,500?? I could deal with a 7500 rpm limit if VTEC kicked in at around 5,500.
  2. 87B16CRX

    87B16CRX Member

    Personally I would do LS/Turbo because to me Turbo on VTEC Cars is a waste. Your powerband is Horrible because is for economy so what u are doin is trying to force air into half open valves but then once vtec kick in it just JUMPS because the valves are finally open...So if u dont have vtec u dont have half open valves so u have a better power band
  3. SleEPeR_CRX

    SleEPeR_CRX Senior Member

    ok 87b16crx, u have a few things wrong, ANY car with turbo ownz gas, they have a WAY better powerband than ANY non-vtec car, the only problem is they are alot more expensive. now RFH, to get back to u. if u wanna stay N/A to say u can kill mustangs and all that shit and ur engine is n/a go nuts, make sure u get b16a rods and pistions or better, such as the JE ones u said. the LS rods cant spin past 7500, but trust me once u get vtec, u will wanta 8500+ redline. i still suggest going LS/T, with the $$ needed to make an LS/T run low 12's, it will take about the same $$ to make a LS/Vtec run low 13's high 12's. the LS will safely hold roughly 9 psi. which is alot for a stock engine, and will easily get it into the low 13's with good slicks and driving.either way u look at it, u will need to get a good racing clutch *cough* ACT Extreme*cough* and either a Vafc or Safc. id pick the LS/T 9 times outa 10, but if u are crazy about N/A like alot of people are. go LS/Vtec just make sure its DONE RIGHT, or u will have a ticking time bomb.
  4. get_nick

    get_nick These snozzberries taste like snozzberries...

    ls turbo is the way to go. when you are boosting a lot you wont even feel the vtec.

    RFHOMI2U Senior Member

    ok, i think LS/Turbo has won me over. Now what is recommended for that setup? I should definitely do forged pistons/rods, but whatelse? I have heard about block guards and such, but I hear they are bad, and some people tell me they are good? I don't get it. I was looking into a Greddy kit with a possible Apexi intercooler/piping. We'll see. I have all winter. Open to more sugesstions tho!!! thanks guys!
  6. riceboy

    riceboy Member

    block gurads are bad, they prohibit coolant from getting to the top parts of the jackets, and that is where the combustion is, making it the part where coolant is needed the most, this can lead to blowing head gaskets and that can lead to lifted or warped heads.

    I suggest ENDYN rollerwaves over JE.

    right now EARL on honda-tech has a deal going for benson's sleeving for a grand, you provide and ship the block, but thats still a hell of a deal, and if you are about to assemble a motor, thats the best decision you can make is to get it sleeved. Me and everyone else that I've ever known that build a motor without sleees regreted it. its just pointless. You will reach a point when you will want more boost thant he stock sleeves can handle, whether you admit it now or not.

    LS turbo is nice.
  7. CRseX84

    CRseX84 Senior Member

    SleEPeR_CRX- u said to use b16 rods or JE wich are better? i thought the b16 rods were shorter then the b18?? im no expert bout this im acualy doin a LS/VTEC swap cuz i cant afford a turbo, but whats a good rod to use for a affordable price? im goin wit CTR pistons, and probably Skunk2 springs, retaners, valves, and maby cam... this is my first swap soo if u could give me some pointer that be dope. thanks bro
  8. SolReaver

    SolReaver Senior Member


    Foolish child, YOU are the one that has a few things wrong. A d15 with the bolt on greddy turbo kit will get walked by a n/a itr, not only that, the powerband depends mainly on the size of the turbo used. Don't make igonrant assumptions. That proves your retarded ass statement <ANY car with turbo ownz gas, they have a WAY better powerband than ANY non-vtec car> wrong. :bash:

    <the LS rods cant spin past 7500> o.m.g. Youve said this 8 million times on this site, and numerous people have told you that you are wrong. Yet you still dont understand. You must be one of those people that tries jumping off a bridge just because someone told you that you can fly. :bash:

    <with the $$ needed to make an LS/T run low 12's, it will take about the same $$ to make a LS/Vtec run low 13's high 12's> that statement is useless as it is just your opinion and has no backing.

    <the LS will safely hold roughly 9 psi> You are the spawn of a mentally handicapped mother and father. There are countless ls/t setups on h-t that are running ~15 psi on a stock motor. Your ignorance disturbs me.

    If you have no idea what you are talking about, do us all a favor and NOT post. No one will look down on you, just dont post misinformation.


    Back on topic- I recommend ls turbo hands down. Id go with eagle rods, cp pistons, bolt on turbo kit, and have a nice day. If then you think you are too slow, add the vtec head.


  9. brc80

    brc80 Senior Member

    Everyone seems to forget that psi does not matter. A bigger turbo at a lower psi will push the same amount of air as smaller turbo at i higher psi.
  10. SolReaver

    SolReaver Senior Member


    wtf nobody mentioned anything about psi or the relationship of air volume to pressure :axe:
  11. RFHOMI2U

    RFHOMI2U Senior Member

    All I know is there is this kid with a 5g hatch that lives near where I do and He's running 11.8's on slicks on an LS/Turbo on full interior, And I think it's B18B not A like I have. I don't know what's done to that. I intend to ask him, but As far as I'm aware he isn't the most friendly person.
  12. khrisb

    khrisb ******

    I hate you.

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