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Need an alarm system. Recomendations?

Discussion in 'Car Audio / Security / Electronic Accessories' started by phyregod, Apr 13, 2009.

  1. phyregod

    phyregod !!YTINASNI

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    Jun 11, 2005
    Central Texas
    Getting an alarm for the element. I haven't been alarm shopping in 5 or 6 years.. Viper still the good stuff? Anyone else I should look into?

    Looking for ~$200, keyless entry, remote start, alarm with shock sensor that doesn't freak the fuck out every 3 minutes. Maybe a perimiter sensor.. That might be difficult given the price range. Also looking for a system that is plug and play. Not going to hack any wires at all. Anyhow, any alarm guru's out there want to toss in their two cents?

    Say "bulldog" and I'll stab you in the throat with a soldering iron.
  2. whiterabbit06

    whiterabbit06 Why oh why didn't I take the blue pill? VIP

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    Oct 27, 2007
    Crestview, Fl
  3. neonmike

    neonmike Senior Member VIP

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    Mar 30, 2004
    680XR PRO
    Ultra Start by AST U4285-LCD (u4285lcd) Remote Start Car Alarms Car and Vehicle Security - Sonic Electronix

    Well i can honestly say done and done with the links i set above. I personally install vipers everyday and let me tell ya garfuckingbage. Yes i just made that word up. All though they are a respected name out there their quality has gone to shit since they were slutted out to the big box stores. The most common complaint i have from them with my customers is the transmitters go out of program every couple of months. Now it is not just vipers it is anything made by directed electronics, python, viper, valet, hornet, etc. etc. Directed is about 3 years behind the times with their technology, although they have a shit ton of features (probably most you will never use) that is about all they got goin for em. I have installed alot of the ultra starts and have yet to ever have a problem with them. Little know fact about em is they were designed by installers so they are hella easy to install and use. thats just my opinion take it for what its worth
  4. D16SiHatch

    D16SiHatch New Member

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    Sep 7, 2007
    i've had the viper 791xv system for years now and i haven't had any trouble with it. it was originally in my mustang, and now it's in my honda. i've also installed lock actuators and with the help of the dei 451m microrelay and 2 more SPST 4-pin relays i have keyless entry working. my remote hasn't gone "out of program" either. but of course i am just one person and you deal with these things all the time. i know many of the new features directed adds to there new units are not really necessary, or used for that matter, but some are quite nifty and useful. such as on the 5901 the addition of a one mile range for the 2-way transmitter, mini-usb rechargeable battery pack within the remote, no tach wire needed for remote start, and also for when you're remote starting the car you can have the ambient temperature in the car be displayed on the remote screen. which is pretty sweet, or atleast i think so lol.

    not that i'd recommend viper anyway though since you're trying to keep it sub $200, but i went off on a rant. meh

    any of the ebay no-name alarms with remote start are generally pretty decent. i used to have one from pyle i believe it was, and it worked quite well. very similar to if not this exact one. PYLE PWD501 2-WAY PAGER REMOTE START CAR STARTER ALARM - eBay (item 270323957567 end time Apr-29-09 08:13:07 PDT)

    the downside though for you is aftermarket car alarms are universal, and because of that you are not going to find a system that does not require you to "hack" into the wiring. you have to tie into many wires, and cut apart your ignition harness to wire in a remote start. and if you intend on using the starter kill/anti-grind feature you will actually be cutting the starter wire in two and then having two different wires from the remote start relay tie into it.
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