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Need some Help Please

Discussion in 'Civic and del Sol - EG and EK' started by KyleKidd, Oct 4, 2008.

  1. KyleKidd

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    Sep 7, 2008
    NorthEastern Pennsylvania
    I have a 93 Honda Civic Del Sol. 1.6L Vtec engine, automatic, D16Z6. Alright, so i have this problem. My Engine like Putts after about 5 min or so of driving. Even like 5 min of idling, i think it just happens when the engine warms up. So when my engine "putts" my rpms will drop a little, and usually it puts a few times. When idling it will put erratically, sometimes dropping the rpms to about 500 before jumping back up. It have never stalled. I'm scared (and embarrassed) to sit at red lights and stop signs because its so bad. I'm not sure but it kind of sounds like a cylinder is missing. It seems to be worse at low speeds (0-30mph) and higher speeds (50mph+). At like 40 mph there is like a safe zone where it doesn't do it a lot. Still does though.

    So this is what i have done so far- Today i Fixed my CEL light, The first and ONLY code that was showing up was 21, then Vtech solenoid valve. So i took that off, looked at the screen, that was all clean, nothing out of the ordinary. Upon further examination i noticed a loose wire and pluged it back in, reset the ECU. A new code came up, 22. Vtec something idk, not important because i forgot to plug something back into the solenoid so i plugged it back in and now i have no CEL.
    -Changed Gas filter, Fluid in filter was pure black, previous owner obviously never changed it, proly the one from 93. Performance increased a little
    -changed oil filter, extremely bad also. Performance also increased a bit after that.
    -after CEL light fix, my Vtec worked so my engine obviously sounds better and runs smoother.
    -Looked and replaced all bad fuses (only blown one was my interior lights)
    -My BRAKE light is on, but i think its just brake related, im going to change my back brakes, rotors, and calipers this weekend, then flush the lines, i think that will fix it. Brakes are extremely bad =(

    I think the Timing might be off, maybe that's why its Putting. Too bad the previous owner (aka "The Butcher") Never replaced the timing cover so its impossible to time it other than by ear. Unless someone knows an alternative way of doing it. (would be helpful)
    -Leaking oil out of my head gasket, so im suspecting a blown head gasket, think that could be the reason?
    -Also suspecting a hole in my exhaust, got a straight pipe too.

    Just Bought this car like 4 weeks ago now, bought it as is.

    -also need a 10 point star tool to remove the Rims =( anyone know where to find one?

    If you need any further Info let me know.

    I posted this under another thread title but no-one responded so hopefuly someone here can help.
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