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Discussion in 'Vehicles: For Sale/Trade/Wanted' started by jed2012, Oct 22, 2005.

  1. jed2012

    jed2012 Junior Member

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    Oct 7, 2005
    ok here is the deal i am currently in iraq and i came home for a couple weeks during last month for leave. While i was at home i bought

    this car for project purposes. i was going to drop a b20b i had and also put on a jdm front end. turns out i found another car with b16

    and jdm fornt end already done and bought that so i have no real need for this one im am trying to sell anymore


    --stiped paint from fenders back and primered.... didnt do front end because i was swappin out. still needs some stipping in the door

    jams but i was only home for 2 more days when i bought it and didnt have all the time in the world.

    -- altho it has a clean title when strippin paint i did find a couple places of bondo that looked like there were professionally pulled out

    and then touched up with some bondo on both rear quarter panels and also the driver door... probably did it before the last paint job.

    not really a problem seeing ass the car is stipped and before u do paint anyways u want to touch it up.

    -- has adjustable springs, and adjustable sturts.. not sure what kind i was told but im not home to check

    -i think it has 16 inch blackies with decent 50 to 60 series tires and si hubcaps

    -- chasis has like 170xxx i think or close to it


    --for being 15 years old is clean ... it only has rip in drivers seat not too bad everything else is fine ...

    -- no stereo


    -- was told replaced si motor but who knows how much that holds up ive been told that plenty of times to find out it wasnt so... ill just

    throw out the idea but im not positive.

    -- dc headers

    -- ignition system

    -- i think it has intake

    -- short shifter i think

    -- transmission grinds a lil bit at high rpm shifts

    -- the engine seemed pretty reliable and stong i drove it from sacramento back to sonora with no problems no check engine light no

    smoke drives straight no shimming in the suspension

    -- apexi canister exhaust sounds alright. not my personal favorite

    -- white/blue head light bulbs all the corners still there all the lights and blinkers work

    car all in all is great project car... something u can really work with...

    -- also has i think viper car alarm and key less entry with 2 remotes pretty nice
    the car is missing the side plasic stippin from the fender to the rear tire on both side cause i broke one when tring to remove it and

    then just decided to take both sides off and shave is before painting. also.. the side mirrors didnt take the paint stippin process to well

    and probably need replacing. and last but not least the rear tail lights got a little bit of drippage from the paint stipper and before i

    could wipe of fast enough got some damage not bad tho..and i think i am missing some screws to the spoiler light unless my freind

    found them. i had to take the light of the spoiler to strip the paint off. i am tring to be real honest about the car due to the fact that i

    have had 15 plus honda/acuras and have been screwed over quite a few times or drove 200+miles to go check out a car and it was

    totally different then described. i also got a carfax report the second i found bondo you can check it out also if you would like at


    honestly dont know if will pass smog... it said it passed smog last on carfax but i never even turned in the title yet the car doesnt

    smoke or anything just dont know so the the sale will be as is.

    the car is parked in a car port with car cover over it to protect primer job

    im going to get my wife to take some pictures tomorrow so u can email me if your serious about them . ask me anything u would like... i

    know if i was buying a car i would be askin a million questions

    you can contact me at jed2012ca@hotmail.com
    jed2012c on aim
    jed2012 on yahoo

    im looking at 2500 obo not lookin to earn or lose money just get back what i paid out.

    civic, hb, hatchback, si, b16, b16a, b18, b17, b18a, b18b, b18c, b18c5, lowered, project, shell, integra, b20b, honda, acura,

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