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Discussion in 'Members' Lounge' started by 91_civicsi, Oct 3, 2002.

  1. 91_civicsi

    91_civicsi Junior Member

    what kinda programs for computer do you guys use to figure shit out about your car? i know there is this one program called "mitchell on demand" but what else is there, i have a 91 si civic with a 92 ls swap, and i just bought the car so i want to read up on it and learn shit about it, and fool with gear ratios and shit and rpm shit just fo fun so let me know, thnx
  2. CRX-YEM

    CRX-YEM Super Moderator Moderator

    use Kazaa or imesh, look for Desktop Dyno 2000
  3. knowledge

    knowledge Senior Member

    Has anyone used the desktop dyno 2000? I was real close to buying it but I didn't know how accurate the info is!
  4. CRX-YEM

    CRX-YEM Super Moderator Moderator

    I've got it, it's a good estimate.
    as accurate as the info you give it
  5. pissedoffsol

    pissedoffsol RETIRED

    about as accurate as the ass dyno
  6. cxjon

    cxjon Senior Member

    lol thats funny shit!
  7. pills_PMD

    pills_PMD Super Moderator


    we have a mitchell on demand system at our shop...
    hondalogger v. 3.0 and romEditor v 3.0 for me :)
  8. paragus

    paragus Senior Member

    i got desktop dyno.. ghey i dont think its accurate at all.

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