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    h22a idle problem getting me crazy!

    if its on a 4th gen, check the wiring on the egr plug. thats the most common problem when swapping
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    90-91 Accord Auto LX Wire Harness

    youll take the plugs off the h22 harness and add them in with your modified factory harness, just follow tab's wiring instructions and youll be there in no time. good luck man
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    I need a b series

    hmotors, hands down the best used engine supplier in the business. steve knows his shit and will answer your questions whenever possible. never had a problem yet..... going on engine #63 next week!!
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    B16A1G2 Manual Swap into 93 Hatch Auto

    hit me up if you still need those sensors.... got some floating round the shop, will ship to you if needed. congrats on completeing your first swap!!!
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    H22 Prelude

    didnt mean to come unglued on you man.... shitty day at the shop, good luck finding the problem. B)
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    Axle popping out of tranny.WTF?

    i guess i should have been a little clearer, sorry man. are you using the b17 gsr axles or the newer b18 gsr axles. i ask because the axles are different and if you have a male intermediate shaft then you wouldnt be able to put the axle in the wrong side. :unsure:
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    H22 Prelude

    :worthy: wow... i'm glad your interpretation of it is that accurate. thanks man, i never would have noticed that he said it hit vtec, oh yeah i did notice that. right in the first post when he said: "The h22a1 runs great except there is no vtec." and then he said it hit vtec later on...
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    do you have to swap?

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    Turbo Q's

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    How do you get rid of ABS on 94+ integras?

    it can be done by removing the abs control unit and splicing each brake line back into itself. but why would you go through all that work?
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    Transmission problems, very weird

    sounds like the shift cables are either way out of adjustment, or not secured to the bracket on the tranny.
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    not sure whats goin on plz help

    yes, it should drive correctly if this is the problem. no it does not mean that the solenoid is bad or dirty, it means that somewhere between the vtec solenoid and the ecu you are completing the circuit to operate it. but once again, im just throwing this out there based on the symptoms you...
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    std swap to dohc zc help !

    the swap is not hard at all, and as long as you pay attention to detail you shouldnt have any issues. dpfi to mpfi like was mentioned, which youll need and injector resistor box and some patience to wire it, and as far as the rest goes aside from the distributor plugs all is cake! something...
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    d16z6 head and d16y8 head(sohc vtec)

    the flow characteristics of the y8 are where the difference lies. between that and the intae manifold design, the y8 is basically the type r of the sohc setups.
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    do you have to swap?

    possible, yes. plausible? no. you are looking for reliable power, so i'm going to assume that this is a daily driver. i dont know how many people have driven around town in a sohc with over 200 hp, but it becomes fairly high strung. 250 horsepower reliably is going to mean new rods, new...