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    B16A2 head build....(prepare for some long wind)

    I can't believe four year's have passed since I've posted here. So much has happened in life, from my EK hatch being stolen at my job in 2014, to the "mechanics" who have screwed me over the years. I've found two reliable people to work on my car exclusively from here on out. The last "mechanic"...
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    B16a2 Turbo cam choices...

    So I'm looking through the interwebs for more cam information when all of a sudden I run into an article on this site that's talking about the cams I have been debating on for years. Yeah...I laughed so hard because I totally forgot I had started this thread. haha :rolleyes:I felt like such a...
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    How do you adjust your mirrors on your car?

    Brian! How are you man? I'm digging this new format. It's so nice on my cell phone. Seriously though, this was a great article and am spreading the general concept around like wild fire. It took me very little time to adjust to the new angles and I have to say it is definitely awesome and makes...
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    B16A2 head build....(prepare for some long wind)

    Here's a small update. I decided to go with a Supertech valve train, i.e. valves, springs and retainers. These should arrive sometime in the next two weeks. I could have had these a VERY long time ago, but the money situation just wasn't there. After contacting the person who was going to do the...
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    How do you adjust your mirrors on your car?

    I owe you guys for this one. I had the chance to get on yesterday, saw this post and adjusted mine to 1-3-4. Talk about a HUGE help and difference when it down poured today. Had my mirrors not been re-adjusted to 3 and 4, driving in the crazy rain we had yesterday would have been hell. This was...
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    happy bday

    I'm late but happy belated, Calesta! It's my birthday today. WOOP WOOP!
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    more bdays!

    Yay! Birthdays! Wooo!!!
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    My 2004 SV650

    Had Bumblebee been a motorcycle instead, well, there you go.:D
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    happy bday E

    E you hilarious mother fucker. Sorry I'm a few days late but I hope you had an awesome birthday. In fact, you'd better still be celebrating or else you're showing how old you've become. haha
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    Going under the knife

    I'm glad to hear you're doing all right, Clint. Take care of yourself man. My best friend had hers done after an accident when she was thirty and she literally ended up running often after everything healed. She said it never felt better. I wish you the best!
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    OBDII 97 EK swap to B18B1 non-vtec

    You know what's awesomely ironic? Here I am five years later, referring back to this thread for help! HAHA! I did the same swap on my hatch, except I used a UDSM OBD1 B18B1 and have hard the hardest time finding the final two mounts, the front transmission mount and drivers side, I believe...
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    My 2004 SV650

    I looked at your bike and for a second I imagined...Bumblebee. :ph34r: It looks awesome. I'm too much of a klutz to ever own one. All I can do is look but no touchy. :D
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    Need For Speed The Movie

    Nothing says "I'm a bad ass" like paddle shifting. If it's real, I'd watch it...and wait for Vince and The Rock to show up. :D
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    One of my friends sent me this game in the mail. It was such an awesome surprise! I've laughed so much playing it, even though I suck. haha I think I've died a record amount of times. I'm just waiting to play it soon as they fix the servers.
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    My 2004 SV650

    I've missed a lot apparently. Is there a thread on the Accord you worked on? Oh and how are you enjoying the bike so far?