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    Are you going to get vaccinated?

    Definitely not fucking retarded you motherfucking asshole. Love the snopes quote, guess that's just presidents doing politician things. Still say you don't understand the science behind it. Guess this is also why I slowed down coming back to the board. Too many fucking asshole idiots.
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    Are you going to get vaccinated?

    Huh? Do you know how vaccines work? Nobody ever said you couldn't get COVID if you were vaccinated, just like nobody says the flu shot gives you a 100% shield from the flu.
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    Are you going to get vaccinated?

    I spent the last 2 weeks in a sandy place that required everyone to be vaccinated and negative tested before entry. Never felt safer. Mixed with a few thousand people, nobody tested positive. It was a good couple of weeks. I feel WAY safer outside the US in terms of COVID safety than within...
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    EG Pickup truck

    Love this. Remember, Intercrew built an EF sedan into a pickup back in the 90s- got a lot of attention on the show circuit.
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    Anyone have a side job?

    Are you actually in the positive still on the site? And used to build PC stuff and do some car work on the side for small cash, but lately just trying to keep my head above water. I'm shutting down time wasters in my life to hopefully start building some car product that I've had in my head for...
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    Car Repair Hack jobs

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    Civic HX Swap

    Nope, HX is as good a swap platform as any of the 6th gen Civics. It's generally one of the lightest of the 6th gen coupes, so if you're not planning to add a bunch of stuff in, it's a good way to save weight too!
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    Narrowing track width

    I've seen it done on a BRZ to fit 305+ under the fenders- there are some vendors that make shorter control arms to do it. I imagine the same could be done on the Civic- and with your resources in the minitruck world, modifying control arms should be a piece of cake.
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    Mini me swap or turbo the d16y7

    Welcome to the site! If I had to pick just one method, I'd turbo the stock block instead of going VTEC. No need to dive inside the engine, more power potential, and you really only add extra wear to the engine when you're boosting (not partial throttle cruising). If you're in an emissions...
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    Sold the Bronco .. Bought a Excursion

    Sweet. Curious to see the specs and pricing!
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    Sold the Bronco .. Bought a Excursion

    Oh wow, lots of great stuff on your Facebook page, nothing on the web site. What are all the driver/amp specs and prices?
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    For E

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    2014 Veloster Turbo

    Yeah don't want to spend 3k on a Soul... but it if prevents buying the wife another car earlier, it might be the way to go. Good to know it's mostly plug and play. Time to research more.
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    2014 Veloster Turbo

    The whole engine? I'd totally do it as long as it bolts up to the same manual transmission. I assume it does... and I wonder what "mostly" plug and play really means.
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    2014 Veloster Turbo

    One soul or one turbo? :D